D&D 5E Archade's Tower - 5E Fantasy Firearms

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Balancing between making them appeal to characters and not being overpowered is a rough task.

Your ideas look good, I use a slower firing rate, and the fact the the only known source of guns/ammo are goblin tech.

Which everyone knows is unreliable (chance to blow up or misfire) so not many folks desire it.

But a few "gunsmiths" are starting to catch on. (Players)


Just use crossbow stats and rof and increase them 1 dice eventually so pistol 1d8 arquebus 1d10 muscet 1d12 or such.

Make them have some misshap at a nat 1.

The biggest prob i got with guns is rate of fire (rof)

With D&D 5E 6 second round it is on the border of make believe, to reload a muzzle loader as a bonus Action, but i could live with it since for crossbows it is the same issue.

A guy i know who did some muzzle loader shooting said to me, if trained, 15 seconds reload is a time achievable IRL so i am fine.


Rotten DM
What's a muzzle loader? How just cracking it open like a breech loader. In a world where hand crossbow welding dragons who says the tech has to mirror our history. One my friend came up with that idea back in 3E to try to fit # of attacks per round with a high level fighter.
I would do hand cross bow = pistol 1d6 damage. OR 2d4 damage and just increase the range for each type.
30/120 pistol 60/180 rifle 90/360 hunting/sniper rifle.

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