Release Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook Is Out Now in Print and PDF


Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook has launched!

The FASERIP game system* has remained a popular roleplaying game with a highly active community of fans, players, game masters, and content creators since 1984. Brought into the world of open gaming thanks to Gurbintroll Games in 2015, the mechanics have stood the test of time as endearing and fun, and inspired the creator of superhero actual play podcast “Let’s Start Over, Shall We?” Leon Doell to run modern superheroes using this vintage game as part of a fully-produced podcast with a cast of over 20 players!

Now the game system — with a few tweaks and twists to streamline gameplay and add deeper social conflict challenges for the podcast medium — is revived once again in the form of Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook. Meant to be an inexpensive jumping on point and reference strictly to the at-the-table play mechanics, Book 1 features “just the rules,” letting previous iterations of the game fill in the gaps until Book 2 is out. It does this by…

  • …being 100% compatible with all previous versions of the FASERIP system,
  • …including extensive examples and lists so anyone can emulate their favorite superhero characters without needing systematic guardrails on mechanical balance, and
  • …providing just enough additional systems via an early release BETA PDF of Book 2 bundled in!
Best of all, the book is available as an inexpensive PDF or as a POD + PDF bundle, so you can get it in the form-factor you want. FASERIP veterans will feel just as happy picking this up for the “alternative” social conflict and Karma/roleplay award rules, while newbies will have everything they need to create characters and run the game even if they don’t make use of (or are even aware of) the significant amount of free ancillary resources available across the web for various iterations of the FASERIP system.

It’s your turn to the be the hero. What are you waiting for?

Pick up Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook as a PDF or Print + PDF bundle at DriveThruRPG.

Pick up Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook as a PDF at itch.IO.

PDF and Print + PDF bundle coming soon to Third Kingdom Games.

* What’s the “FASERIP game system”? It’s a roleplaying game in which you play super-powered characters in the vein of those starring in comic books, TV shows, and movies and whose primary attributes are Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, and Psyche. Thus: “F.A.S.E.R.I.P.” It uses a percentile (A.K.A. d100) roll, referencing a universal table of effects to determine the results, allowing characters of wildly different power levels — a common rat all the way up to a god-like cosmic embodiment of nearly incalculable power — to easily coexist within the game’s system. The original mechanics were created by Jeff Grubb with Steve Winter as the primary writer. The game system was added to the ever-growing body of Open Game License (OGL) games by Blacky the Blackball of Gurbintroll Games.


Designed & Developed by Tim Bannock with Leon Doell and Jayson Jolin

Logo by Silvano Beltramo

Cover Art by Tanni Brown

Layout by Anja Svare

Playtesting by the cast and crew of Let’s Start Over, Shall We?

Look for Book 2: Spectacular Origins, coming soon!

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