Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes

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Bryce Whitacre

First Post
Thanks for the mention! We have new stretch goals and a hardback collector's edition with slipcover box. The article on the threat meter should be up soon.

Bryce Whitacre

First Post
Thank you everyone! We're completely amazed at the support that has shown for the Baker Street RPG!
With our $20,000 goal broken, we decided that it was time to start talking about what is next for Baker Street and incorporate some of the material into our Stretch Goals. So, here is the opportunity to get several new campaign guides and casebooks unlocked and into your hands far earlier than expected.

We're really excited about this new opportunity and can't wait to see what you think too!

$30,000 – Sherlock by Gaslight (Campaign Guide) (Add-On)
This campaign guide will feature a London sourcebook, a poster map of London, and include cases dealing with Jack the Ripper, Dr. Jeckyll, and other horror stories of the time. Jack might even make an appearance on the Sherlock die for the campaign.

$40,000 – Strange Cases in Distant Places (Casebook) (FREE)

Murder on a continental train? Crimes of passion aboard a yacht? Jewel thefts in the Far East? This book is a casebook filled with crimes in exotic locales.

$50,000 – In Her Majesty's Secret Service (Campaign Guide) (Add-On)

A campaign guide and cases for working in government service under Mycroft Holmes. Political schemes, spies, world traveling, and adventure await! We've been led to believe that Mycroft will be making an appearance on the Sherlock die for the campaign.

$60,000 – Studies in Scarlet (Casebook) (FREE)

A book filled with adaptations of classic Sherlock cases straight from the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. Some of the best Sherlock cases brought to life as adventures for your investigators.

$75,000 – Sherlock Holmes: Dark-Watch (Campaign Guide) (Add-On)

This is a stand-alone campaign guide that takes a look at an alternate Steampunk Victorian world for Sherlock. Science has progressed in leaps and bounds with fantastical steam powered machines. Professor Moriarty has released a biological agent on the countrysides of England causing the dead to return to life. Dr. Watson is an alchemist, Sherlock a steampunk scientist, and Mycroft is a magic practitioner protecting Britain from a myriad of supernatural threats.

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