Best board games to play with a bunch of friends at Gencon?


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So, a bunch of friends are all getting together this year at Gencon. It'll be my first in a couple of years, and I'm excited, if you can't tell by the post 7 months early. I would love to hear from some people what board games we should rent from the board game room, sign up for or bring.

I regularly play dominion, carcassone and settlers. We want to play games we wouldn't normally. Also, games that can include up to 12 people would be great.

Here's our list of ideas so far:

Dune (if we can find it)
Twillight Imperium
Starcraft (one guy is a huge starcraft fan)
Shadows over Camelot

Thanks guys!

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We want to play games we wouldn't normally. Also, games that can include up to 12 people would be great.
Up to twelve? Difficult!

I'd recommend '7 Wonders' for shortish games - it supports up to seven players at least.
For longish games, Arkham Horror is best and supports up to ten players using all expansion boards.


If you have the time -- and the inclination with like-minded players -- a full table of Twilight Imperium,Third Ed + Expansion is the way to go. It will be your highlight of Gencon, no doubt.

That's a pretty serious game though and it will take 5 to 8 hours to play. You need everybody into it for that to work well. Still, if it does? Epic.

"Now you will see this FULLY OPERATIONAL Piece of Plastic..."

I would advise against Shadows over Camelot. We played several games of this at Gencon 2007 and it really didn't make the grade. The traitor aspect is cool -- but the gameplay for the rest of the game isn't there. If you were inclined to go that route -- I would suggest Battlestar Galactica as a better game for that sort of "traitor" mechanic.

Another suggestion for something not nearly as Epic in length as Twilight Imperium, 3rd ed. would be FFG's A Game of Thrones (full Monty with the expansions). Great game. We played this a few Gencons ago and it was a great evening. Took us about 3.5 hours to play out.


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You could try "apples to apples". Not really a board game but can easily accomidate larger groups, if you have enough cards.

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