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Board Game Shopping Online

Where is the best place to shop for board games online? Discounted prices as well as good service.

I'm not interested in looking on Ebay, as I'm asking for my brother. He needs to find someplace that he can order from and have the games shipped to a different address, and isn't interested in auctions.

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Here's another vote for Thoughthammer. I just ordered Arkham Horror, Memoir '44, and the Heroes of Barrenspur for Heroscape from them (around $112 - 120 ususall), and got it all with shipping for $89. Great service and excellent prices. I highly recommend them.



i used to use funagaingames.com but last time i checked they had raised their prices quite a bit. I havent bought a new board game in a while, but they might be worth looking at for a comparison.

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