Can teens participate in game-store hosted RPGs?


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When I was running games for the RPGA back in the 3.5 day, I routinely had teenagers at the table. Open games like that or the Pathfinder Society take all ages.

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As others have said, you'll want to ask the stores directly.

At my FLGS, I definitely have had plenty of younger players turn up. When I was running D&D Encounters last summer, I had some players who were probably as young as 8 or 10 (though they youngest players were there with a parent who was also playing). I think game stores generally love to have younger players as long as they're there to play (I'm sure they'd show any customer the door if they were being disruptive, but that's not a teen-specific thing).

Have fun!


Teens and kids should be encouraged to come watch, play, and run games at any FLGS. It helps the hobby, helps the publishers, and helps the store in the long run.

Have no fear. If there are some crotchety or exclusive sorts, tell them you have every right to be coming there for fun too. If need be, go find a better store where you are accepted.


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Stores may have policies requiring parents for children, possibly enacted after bad experiences with Pokemon or Yugi-oh! events, so it never hurts to ask.

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