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Can you tell what's *really* new about this screenshot

Michael Morris

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Attached is a screenshot of ENWorld. It's in the vbulletin default skin. Can you spot what's really different about it though?


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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Errm... thecopyright notices are in different places and refer to later versions of VBulletin and vBACMPS/vBAdvanced?

Michael Morris

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Yes :(

I was sorta hoping one of the users would spot it, but I suppose I should have mentioned doing this guessing game before doing it.

The screenshot folks is ENWorld running under 3.6 code. While we're quite a ways from a release, I just wanted everyone to know it is being worked on and progress is being made.


Ah, I was looking for something other than that. The other BB I frequent did the transition without any problems, so I guess I underestimated the work needed for EN-World.

Is this the update that incudes the system actually remembering which posts you have read so I can read half of the interessting stuff in the morning, and when I come back and access a thread I didn't read in the morning it starts me off on the first unread post instead of the first post after I logged in last? (Hope that was vaguely intelligeble, it is difficult to explain in Norwegian and worse in English :heh: )

If so, I am really looking forward to the upgrade. It is the one feature I really miss now that I know it exsists (from the other BB)

Thanks for the good work you do here.


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