[Cape Cod, Massachusetts] [D&D] [5E] Offline - Looking for players


Hey, potential players!
We are two Orleans- and Chatham-based DM's looking to start a consistent campaign through the Fall and Winter seasons. We're both experienced with DMing and playing, and looking to find some like-minded casual nerds to play out a social, in-depth homebrew campaign setting.
This isn't your average campaign; we have real metal coins for currency, physical representations of magic items, myriad miniatures, customized lamination, and all of the official material. Seriously, like all of it, like even lighting props. We're uber-nerds at heart with high social functioning and a casual, informed interpretation of the ruleset
We're here to tell a compelling story, immerse ourselves in the campaign, laugh, and lead a culture of openness and humor at the table. As long as you can still hang and you're not driving yourself, we encourage alcohol, weed, and vices, but do not require it. The DM of the night will probably be sober and no one will judge you if you are too. We have two locations to host, and can also go to you if you're travel-impaired.
We're looking for 3 - 4 additional players so we can keep a weekly or at least bi-weekly schedule of consistent games. Experienced players and DM's looking to play are preferred, but we'll gladly teach new players. Our only demographic limitation is that we prefer you are age 21 - 35, but we are happy to talk to anyone who wants to play. You'll start at lvl 3.
The commitment is likely 4+ hours once a week, likely weekly or every other week. We don't expect you to show up every time, but ask that everyone be considerate of the prep that goes into it.
We've been dying to get a good group for a while now, so please reach out if you're interested!