Kickstarter CAPERS Covert RPG Kickstarter is Live!


NerdBurger Games is pleased to announce the CAPERS Covert Kickstarter is LIVE!

It’s the 1960s and the Cold War rages. Diabolical super-villains implement plans for market, corporate, and global domination. Scientists craft gadgets to help sexy super-spies battle these villains. You are one of these super-villains or super-spies clashing in exciting and exotic locales...and you have super-powers!


Check it out. If you dig it, back it. And tell your friends about it. The best chance CAPERS Covert has of being successful is for it to come out of the gate strong on the first day. And word of mouth helps in a big way. Thanks.

Craig Campbell
Lead Designer, NerdBurger Games

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