Press [Chaosium] Play Call of Cthulhu at Melbourne International Games Week's At The Table (Oct 3)

Michael O'Brien


Chaosium is pleased to be part of Melbourne International Game Week's At the Table on October 3. We're offering online sessions of Call of Cthulhu as part of MIGW21's day long celebration of tabletop gaming.


This year's adventure is 'The Necropolis' from Doors to Darkness. This is an ideal adventure for newcomers to Call of Cthulhu or even to tabletop roleplaying itself. No experience necessary, and all are welcome!

Our sessions will be played on Discord. To see the full timetable and to sign up for a session, visit the At the Table page.

At the Table is being organised by our friends at the Australian Roleplay Community aka ARC. ARC's mission is to encourage new players, promote diversity, and respect and support the local RPG industry in Australia.

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