Chicago Gameday 36 Event Planning

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Supernatural RPG, no Ninjacat Dread...this time

Event Name: Rock & Roll Will Live Forever
System: Supernatural (Classic Cortex)
Slot: Afternoon
Players: 6
Table Preference: D
Picture: (Buzz, I'm curious to see what you might do for this one, but my Gen Con placard image is available if needed.)
There's definitely a Hunt on the Seattle music scene when the ghost of a rocker who died a decade ago appears on-stage with some of his old bandmates. The problem is that Chris Corbin died in a freak pyrotechnic accident, burning to death on stage right in front of his fans. . .and his ghost re-living his death sent several fans at the barricade to the hospital with third-degree burns. This ghost needs to be put to rest before someone gets killed...

This event is in the setting of the CW's Supernatural television show, using the Classic Cortex ruleset. Cortex is a simple stat+skill system, using one or two full polyhedral dice sets (d20s are not used, but d2s are.) Several canonical show characters are available, but no Winchesters or angels, sorry. If you don't know the show, all you need to know is the supernatural is real: ghosts, demons, hauntings, possession- -all real. And some people who know about it fight back: Saving People, Hunting Things...


By golly, it's about time I ran some Star Wars again.
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Please note that I edited my original post on pg 1 to include all the cool details of my game. And yes, they are cool.

-- WJ

So, put me down for Supernatural: Rock & Roll Will Live Forever, 6 Players, pm slot, Table D preferred but not required, and I'll get back to you with details or change of plans.

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Time: afternoon (3:30 p.m.) slot;
System: Savage Worlds
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Put me down for Torchbearer in the morning. Fancy blurb to come.
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Time: Afternoon (3:30 p.m.) slot
Game system: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

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Time: Morning
Game System: Monster of the Week or Monsterhearts or Long Orbit; I'll decide soon
Event Title: TBD
Desciption: TBD
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OK, Dread it is...

Title: Ghastly Things Come in Small Packages
System: Dread
Description: TBA
Players: 4
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Wow! What a lineup we've got this time!

The morning slot is now COMPLETELY FULL. I can contact GP about grabbing that ninth table, but let's not count on it.

We've got just one slot to fill in the afternoon... who's going to step up?

Holy cow, there's so much I want to play!

If there's dire need, I'll run a game, but for now I think I'm just going to work on cloning myself to be able to enjoy multiple games at once.


First Post
Woah...filling up quickly!

I'd like to run some Pathfinder in that last PM slot. No details yet.

Man...remember when people used to play D&D at these things?


Woah...filling up quickly!

I'd like to run some Pathfinder in that last PM slot. No details yet.
Added to the roster!

WE'RE ALL FULL! This may have been the fastest planning thread ever.

...but who knows what could happen between now and sign-up. :)

Man...remember when people used to play D&D at these things?

Ha! Someone on Facebook just posted: "What are these games? No one is running D&D?!?!?"

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