Contents of the NPC and Treasure Cards & the Premium Handouts

First, warning since this post has spoilers for the ZEITGEIST adventure path.

These were stretch goals for the Kickstarter, and I wanted to give those out there in TV Land a chance to see and toss us feedback on the contents we're planning.

Act One NPC, Ally, and Treasure Cards
The idea here is to have cards the GM can give to his players to show them what NPCs look like (and we've included a few 'red herring portraits' that GMs might use as the basis for new NPCs with their own personal plot threads), and also to have cards so the players can keep track of allied stats and the powers of their gear.

There will be a total of 120 cards. NPC names will not be listed, so that GMs can reuse them later, and so the 'red herring' portraits won't be obvious to players that these characters are 'unimportant.' Unless people express an intense desire for us to make a different version with the names, there'll just be the one version.

For cards with stats, if we can fit all the stats on one side, then the front will be PF, and the back will be 4e. Some cards will use front and back for PF, requiring a second card front and back for 4e.

Cards will each have a subtle number on the bottom, and we'll include two index cards that list what's on which card. The first xx cards WILL have names, because they're NPCs the party will know about at the start of the campaign.

  1. King Aodhan
  2. Duchess Ethelyn
  3. Geoff Massarde
  4. Hana "Gale" Soliogn
  5. Principal Minister Harkover Lee
  6. Lorcan Kell
  7. Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby
  8. Viscount Inspector Nigel Price-Hill
  9. Governor Roland Stanfield
  10. Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft
  11. Alexander Grappa, the Mindmaker
  12. Ashima-Shimtu
  13. Asrabey Varal
  14. Brakken of Heffanita
  15. Brianne "Bree" Kaldeckis
  16. Caius Bergeron
  17. Cardiff Hengehill
  18. Cillian Creed
  19. Damata Griento
  20. Eberardo
  21. Ekossigan
  22. Grundun Zubov
  23. Sovereign Han Jierre
  24. Lieutenant Hessar Marseine
  25. Heward Sechim
  26. Isobel Travers
  27. Julian LeBrix
  28. Kaja Stewart
  29. Kasvarina Varal
  30. Kvarti Gorbatiy
  31. Leone Quital, the Steelshaper
  32. Luc Jierre
  33. Lya Jierre
  34. Malia Baccarin
  35. Mister Mapple
  36. Morgan Cippiano
  37. Nathan Jierre
  38. Skyseer Nevard Sechim
  39. Nicodemus
  40. Nicholas Dupiers
  41. Nilasa Hume
  42. Olivert Boone
  43. Ottavia Sacredote
  44. Quentin Augst
  45. Mayor Reed Macbannin
  46. Rock Rackus
  47. Captain Rutger Smith
  48. Sijhen
  49. Sokana Rell
  50. Thames Grimsley
  51. Tinker Oddcog, the Gearbuilder
  52. Valando
  53. Verzubak Tantalovich
  54. Vlendam Heid
  55. Doctor Wolfgang von Recklinghausen
  56. Xambria Meredith
  57. Red Herring 1 (with a blank nameplate in the set that has names)
  58. Red Herring 2
  59. Red Herring 3
  60. Red Herring 4
  61. Red Herring 5
  62. Red Herring 6
  63. Red Herring 7
  64. Red Herring 8
  65. Red Herring 9
  66. Red Herring 10
  67. Red Herring 11
  68. Red Herring 12
  69. Red Herring 13
  70. Red Herring 14
  71. Red Herring 15
  72. Red Herring 16
  73. Red Herring 17
  74. Red Herring 18
  75. Red Herring 19
  76. Red Herring 20
  77. Messenger Wind
  78. Cracked Cauldron
  79. Canary in a Coalmine Pendant
  80. Experimental Steam Suit
  81. Amulet of the Ancients
  82. Staff of the Ancients
  83. Blade of the Ancients
  84. Golden Icon of Apet
  85. Golden Icon of Avilona
  86. Golden Icon of Nem
  87. Golden Icon of Urim
  88. Xambria's Consciousness-PF
  89. Xambria's Consciousness-4e
  90. Razorburst Weapon
  91. Wayfarer's Lantern-PF
  92. Wayfarer's Lantern-4e
  93. Distinguished Top Hat
  94. Coat of the Genteel Butcher
  95. Figurine of Wondrous Power: Mechanical Carriage
  96. The Hurricane Violin
  97. Badger Gun
  98. Nock Gun
  99. Wand of Egal the Shimmering
  100. Detect Planar Energy ritual/spell
  101. Allied Officer
  102. Allied Soldier
  103. Skyseer Nevard
  104. Gun Badger
  105. Rock Rackus
  106. Kvarti Gorbatiy
  107. that guy with the staff who probably dies
  108. Asrabey-PF
  109. Asrabey-4e
  110. Docker power/theme feat*
  111. Eschatologist power/theme feat
  112. Gunsmith power/theme feat
  113. Martial Scientist power/theme feat
  114. Skyseer power/theme feat
  115. Spirit Medium power/theme feat
  116. Technologist power/theme feat
  117. Vekeshi Mystic power/theme feat
  118. Yerasol Veteran power/theme feat
  119. Index Card 1-60
  120. Index Card 61-120-ish

* The purpose of the theme cards is not so much to provide a full reference for all the 4e powers they get or abilities the theme feats in PF grant, but mostly just to remind players, "Hey, you've got a thing. Don't forget to use it."

Any suggestions for revisions before I start assembling this for Eric to layout? I could remove the 20 red herring portraits and add in more of the 'non-plot-relevant' magic items. Some of these probably don't end up in the party's hands, at least not long-term, but they might be more useful.

  1. Aeriad Bracers
  2. Defender Weapon
  3. Malice-Wrought Weapon
  4. Hat of Hats
  5. Staff of Arson
  6. Vendetta Bullet
  7. Diamond-Encrusted Piece
  8. Butcher's Girdle
  9. Amulet of the Impeccable Spy
  10. Demonic Weapon
  11. Headband of Roaming Thoughts
  12. Lucky Dice Ki Focus
  13. Hands of Heaven and Hell
  14. Alleviating Holy Symbol
  15. Grappler's Plate
  16. Bleak Gate Ward
  17. Eschatologist's Weapon
  18. Gremlin Gloves
  19. Hammer of the Lost Riders
  20. Shoes of Reliable Style
  21. Man-Killing Machete

I've had an epiphany. We should also make a pack of cards for the various Martial Scientist techniques.

Premium Handouts
And here's the tentative list for what handouts will be in the Premium Handouts pack. There will be 20 sheets in total, each a little smaller than 8.5x11, made of cardstock so they're fairly sturdy. We mostly want these to be props to represent documents the PCs would actually hold, or to be reference items to help the players keep track of the many complicated elements of the campaign, or to be useful game tiles that have mechanics for mini-games and such.

  1. RHC HQ map, with major known NPCs at the start of the campaign (e.g., king, duchess, Delft, Kell, Gale, etc.) on back
  2. Stat sheets for RHC vessels.
  3. Map of Flint, w/map of Lanjyr on back
  4. Coaltongue map and details on back
  5. Axis Island map, Fort map on back
  6. Hold the Lighthouse mechanics PF/4e
  7. List of Vekeshi Mystics of note in Flint. Details of the visions of Srasama's fall, for Mystic PCs.
  8. Nilasa’s perp sheet, on back ‘Meanwhile in the News’ for adventure 2
  9. Letter from Morgan Cippiano. Letter from Creed.
  10. Letter to kill Rock Rackus. Letter from Xambria.
  11. Details of Arms Fair, on back ‘Meanwhile in the News’ for adventure 3.
  12. Memorandum to Finona Duvall, on back map of ziggurat locations?
  13. Railroad brochure, enclave map on back
  14. Train map, on back ‘Meanwhile in the News’
  15. Invitation to Arena, map of arena
  16. Bad Boys Bad Boys, on back ‘Meanwhile in the News’
  17. RHC Obscurati case dossier pt 1
  18. Pt 2, which means we need an extra page of something.
  19. Epistle from Heid, Invitation to Peace Summit dinner
  20. Clues about dwarven radical plot

Suggestions and comments are very much appreciated.
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formerly roadtoad
I made up a Roger Porter card for my group, which helped to foster confusion. (which, sure, could be one of the Red Herrings)

The extra page for the handouts could be the planets. I put them off to the side of my poster map, and it's helped the players keep that info straight. Of course, that would mess up the structure quite a bit. :/

Otherwise, I can't think of anything.

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