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DMs Guild Creatures of Ravenloft


New Publisher
My newest title is up on DMSGUILD, just in time for Halloween! Creatures of Ravenloft updates the stats for some of my favorites (and more) from past editions of the game.

Here are the contents:
Bakha Rakna; Bainligor; Azmyth; Bone Bat; Gloomwing; Hundar; Night Hunter; Sentinel Bat; Sinister; Spore Bat

Beetles, Swarms; Blood Rose; Death’s Head Tree; Bog and Moor Hounds; Fen Hound; Phantom Hound

Fearweed; Fleas of Madness; Goblin Vampire; Goblyn; Midnight Cat; Odem; Quickwood

Ravenkin; Scarecrow, Ravenloft; Shadow Unicorn; Skeleton Cat; Swarm of Skeletal Cats; Skeleton Dogs; Crimson bones

Cannibal Zombies
Desert Zombies
Mud Zombie
Wolf Zombie
Zombie Horde

Zombie Fog
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