Crossed Paths, Part II


Marcus inspects the mechanism to see if the door can be closed from the inside.

ooc: I suspect not as you mentioned having to remove some bricks. But just in case.

"About five feet wide," Marcus breathes to himself. "Enough room for one at a time."

He glances up to check the height of the tunnel, then taking back the lantern, proceeds to give the passage a once over for traps from the entrance.

ooc: Trapfinding, Trapsence+1, Search +4. (Its just twigged that Search not Spot is the key skill. Marcus really isn't cut out to be the party rogue. Oh well. Assuming nothing is found ...

"I can't see anything so far. If I meet anything too ornery for me to deal with, I'll try and get out of the way for the next person. If I go down to the ground - go over me. Look after the crossbow for me would you."

With that he moves into the passage.

ooc: basically he will try and Tumble clear, or something like that.

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Inez Hull

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Ehldannis mutters a quick phrase of arcana under his breath, summoning a globe of light in his hand. He then walks into the passage and proceeds to methodically search the walls and floor for any sign of a hidden door or compartment. He seems oblivious to the boredom induced in his companions as he pores over cracks and bumps in the walls.

[OOC: Casts Light then takes 20 Searching the corridor with Search skill +10]


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Fortunately for our intreped explorers, they find no danger. Intuitively, Ehldannis starts his search for secret doors at the far end of the short passage, and sure enough, he finds one there. With practiced ease, Marcus unlatches it. He realizes he can re-latch it (as he did on the first secret door he worked on), as the bricks he must remove are long and go the full width of the door. The elf and rogue feel confident all three secret doors so far found were made by the same people.

No sounds eminate from beyond the new door, and Marcus edges it open. (please excuse my presumption of Marcus' actions; just keeping it moving.) Beyond is an immense hall. Large pillars support the ceiling about 30 feet above. The hall goes farther the lantern light stretches (120 feet). There appears to be some sort of rent in the floor about 80 feet out, but the light is not clear at that range. The floor is lightly dusted, but clear of debris. The air reeks of rotting flesh.

Party at "P" on map. 10' per square.

My absense over the past few days can be explained by the sudden and complete crash of my hard drive, caused, oddly enough, by a defective sound card. I'm still putting things back together, so please excuse any lack of map continuity.


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~Absentminded Dhormium approaches the walls of this great subterranean structure for a small inspection trying to find an answer or give a good assumption to the structure they are standing in. Although Octar’s question is a good one, after the dwarf notices the damage further down the hall that he now dearly wants to investigate, also cautioning his companions to be careful where they should walk~

“Take care with where you walk around here, that gap in the ground puzzles me and I would like to find out what happened here and if it is still dangerous. It appears we are alone but there could me more of these hidden doors.

Brioc I’m really anxious to find out what happened, it might even lead to an answer for Octar and what this room was supposed to be. Tullius, you where here before, what did the archaeologist expect when they went to this site?”


After opening the door and slipping quietly into the cavern, Marcus collects his crossbow from whoever carried it as they follow.

"Not this section. At least not by this entrance," Marcus says, indicating the passage they have just come down. "No one has walked that way before us for centuries i would guess.

"As to the rent in the floor, G'ruk mentioned an underground waterway. My feeling would be that it is connected to that. As is the smell. And the giant creature G'ruk mentioned.

"Anyone care to find out? I suggest that we pair up and fan out a little. Dhormium with Octar ... for healing. Ehldannis with Tullius and Mendicus*. Brioc with me. That would give each group spells and eyes."

Of course, Ehldannis, Mendicus and Tullius make a trio. But after Sergius, Marcus feels that keeping Tullius under more than one pair of eyes can't be a bad thing. Marcus wonders if the man noticed.

ooc: went back but couldn't confirm if he came with us. Think he did though.


"A good plan." Brioc nods approvingly at Marcus' suggestion. "But it would be wise to let Dhormium go first. His vision is the best, and he is more likely to notice any flaws in the stonework than the rest of us. Is this agreeable to everyone?"


Jarval said:
"A good plan." Brioc nods approvingly at Marcus' suggestion. "But it would be wise to let Dhormium go first. His vision is the best, and he is more likely to notice any flaws in the stonework than the rest of us. Is this agreeable to everyone?"

Marcus grunts in approval.

"Dhormium and Octar lead. We'll take their left, Ehldannis, Mendicus and Tullius on their right?"


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Tullius is still with you, although whether as a PC or NPC, I'm not sure. Todd, are you still with us? I'll answer for him for now.

Tullius addresses Dhormium. "Our party was investigating these ruins as it was a site of an ancient Greek city. It was thought there might be finds of great value, either magical or historical, as one of Alexander the Great's generals was last heard of in this area. I'm not aware of anything specific they were looking for."

The party splits into three groups & advances into the room. Marcus and Brioc advance along the West wall, Dhormium and Octar head down the center, Ehldannis, Tullius and Mendicus.

As Dhormium and Octar pass between the first set of pillars, flames start spurting out of the ground in the semicircular area in the North of the room. Ehldannis, Tullius and Mendicus barely avoid a scorching, as they leap away. There is no smoke, but the heat is clearly felt.

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