Cryptfinder, a new spin-off.

I was thinking about how would be a new spin-off after Starfinder and my opinion is a new title had to be about gothic horror and urban fantasy, but we should add some pulp-noirpunk touch. I also thought about other names Pulpfinder, Wyrdfinder or Grimmfinder.

The setting would be in Goraltha but in a demiplane like a Tyson sphere, with a level of technology of XX century, but industrial revolution wasn't possible without magic. In some zones the digital age tried to start, but machines without special magic defenses are infected, and controlled, by hostile supernatural forces. There aren't enough mining resources to manufacturare large-scale vehicles or motors but there is a great industry of energy from renewable sources and waste recycling. Nuclear energy is possible but forbidden by divine powers. Once a nuclear bomb was tried for a war, but in the last second a god used teletransportation to send to a zone of the attacker faction.

Zombie virus was used as biological weapon, but these were eaten by werebeasts, using a transgenic therianthropy as other biological weapon, or destroyed by half-construct soldiers...(later sentient machines started a rebellion in some zones) Transgenic engineering has created a new race of mutants (almost bulletproof) shapeshifters with regenerative troll traits, the fomorkin. Most of firearms are one-shot. Supernaturals forces don't allow machine guns without special (and more expensive) magic defenses. In cities who kills with an authoritative firearm is marked with a supernatural curse. (Criminals would rather blades and hand-crossbows what reload themself by an artificial muscle of biopunk organic technology). Using machine guns in the battlefield is punished by divine powers opening a planar to the Valhalla and lots of bulletproof petitioner fighters appear. Almost all allowed ammo can't cause a serious lethal damage.

Aeroplanes are possible but travel companies would rather airships by carvorite, a special mineral with anti-gravity properties thanks a special energetic stimulation. Space race hasn't started yet. There is technology but not enough material resources. There are rumors of visitors from outer sphere, and their interestelar travel technology has caused planar rifts what allows teletransportation portal to unexplored regions of the sphere. Some zones have got ruins of a high-advanced civilization.

Almost all governments are dictatorships or fake democracies (the candidates are only figureheads obeyings instructions from cryptocracies or secret lobbies). Some countries are controlled by secret lodges of creatures as vampires or faes. There are also some monarchies, but these kings are puppets of giants, dragons or some other paranormal faction (let's imagine the noble houses of "Game of Dragons" with secret superpowers).

After the second titanomachy the gods have disappeared (and also most of dragons and giants), and now lord feys have established a new "regalism" ( = clergy controlled by lay powers). The high spheres of these new religions (too close to the leader cult) are ruled by a special type of faes, the lictors, whose symbol is a whip by grouped thin living tentacles (this symbolizes together being stronger than individually). Only the "fraterchies", religious groups ruled by lord faes are allowed by the current governments. There is a secret rebellion against the "fraterchies", some of them are cults of "titankin", people who say they have the "blood" of primal titans or giants. (controlled speech?).

I am trying to add more ideas, and my source of inspiration for my brainstorm are Buck Roger, Flash Gordon, Diego Valor (vintage sci-fi strip), James Bond, pulp fiction from jazz age, golden age or superhero comics, some 80's action movies (Rambo, Missing in Action, Schwarzenegger's Commando..), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Legenderry comics, supernatural romances, gothic-punk horror, urban fantasy (Charmed, Buffy vampire slayer), Men in Black, Dark*Matter(d20 Modern setting), Ravenloft, White Wolf's World of Darkness, Kult: lost divinity (Warhammer 40.000 next to this is P.A.W patrol).
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