D&D 5E D&D 5e SRD Monsters Sorted by Traits/Actions


A few weeks ago we wrote a program to sort the D&D 5e SRD monsters by their various traits and actions, then hand checked it all. Perhaps your plot needs a creature that can petrify, but you can only think of the Medusa? Three others petrify. Or consider using the seven creatures have an effect that can cause paralysis. This list is also helpful if your PCs want to create a magic item or high level spell that does x, y, & z. With the link above you can look up those properties and find monsters that have those effects.

We made the list because one hook of one of our new Sidequest Decks (Monster Hunts) now on Kickstarter is that you can find quests centering on monsters related to your plot or campaign setting. So if your PCs do want to create an item or spell that grants regeneration, flight, and fire breath (for example) you'll be able to look up those powers to find monsters that match and then quests in the deck that fit!

If you're not familiar with our Sidequest Decks, each card is a mini-adventure. One side is the most important map area for the quest, the other side is an outline: background GM info, a couple story hooks, several encounter ideas, and a couple of possibilities to follow it up. The project is doing so well that we're adding a number of stretch goal--most add more cards to the decks at no extra cost!

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