D&D in another genre would be named ...

So if D&D were in another genre but followed the same basic naming convention (i.e. Noun & Noun, where the nouns are alliterative), what are the most clever options you can come up with?

Not-original examples:
The modern office: Papers & Paychecks
Weird West: Sixguns & Sorcery

Original contribution:
Star Trek: Tribbles & Tricorders

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More games that no one would ever want to play:

Commissions and Committees

Factory Work
Treadmills and Timeclocks

Braces and Bicuspids

Energy Drinks
Heartburn and Hypertension

Cowboy Felinekin
Lariats and Litterboxes, the Role Playing Game

Madea Movies
Tyler Perry presents: Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Gen Con, a.k.a. "Give Me Back My Arduin Grimoire"

Level Up!

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