(D20 Cartographer) Fantasy Maps: Graveyard and Church Map Pack

Hey guys! I wanted to announce the release of a new map pack. "Graveyard and Church" is a gothic graveyard map, just in time for Halloween! There are a total of seven maps included: the base map (48 in. x 36 in.), three maps for the interior of the church, one map for the interior of the grave keeper's shack, one map for the interior of the mausoleum, and one map for the crypt!

I'll paste the copy below. Feel free to take a look--I definitely recommend checking out the flash preview on RPGNow.


What evil lurks in the graveyard that is causing the bodies of dead to reanimate? Who is responsible for the evil, the dirty grave keeper in his small hovel or the pious holy-men in their country church? Has an innocent child become lost in the catacombs beneath the mausoleum, or have filthy grave-robbers moved in with an eye on plunder? With D20 Cartographer, the story is in your hands!


"Fantasy Maps" are full-featured encounter maps designed to fit any traditional fantasy world. This release, "Graveyard and Church" is a massive 48 in. x 36 in. encounter-scale map which includes six additional indoor maps for the included structures: a 3-story church complete with bell-tower, a grave keeper's shack, a mausoleum, and a subterranean crypt! All maps are in the traditional 1 inch = 5 feet scale.

Included for your convenience are several different formats including:
• Full-color maps in .jpg format
• High-contrast black and white maps in .jpg format
• PDF files with images sliced up over multiple pages for easy home-printing (compatible with both US Letter and A4 International paper)

D20 Cartographer also supports virtual table top (VTT) systems and includes:
• 100 DPI gridless map with objects removed
• A folder with all ‘objects' in .png format for use on this map or reuse on your private maps
• An RPTools MapTool VTT file (.cmpgn) with vision blocking and object layer set up for you

Anyway, thanks a bunch for reading! I wish you good gaming and a happy Halloween!


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