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DB for C#?

Skarn Rapajya

First Post
Has anybody seriously considered automating portions of DB?

I rarely am able to get myself mentally together enough for coding, but I just finished C# code for a small DLL that wound handle the Random Encounter Turn Tracker.

If I ever manage to slap a GUI front end on to it (GUIs being the hardest part of coding for me), is there any interest? Be warned that I have no clue what if anything would be needed to adapt Windoze C# GUI code for Mono.

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Skarn Rapajya

First Post
DB Turn Tracker

Ladies and gentlemen, announcing my first ever software in wide release. (This fact may not be important to anybody else, but it is to me. ;))

DB Turn Tracker v1.0 is a small, very simple utility to manage the DB Random Encounter Turn Tracker. It provides the turn number, indication of a random encounter, and controls for adjusting the tracker in a standard DB progression.

::Geek Stuff::
For those interested in incorporating this functionality into a larger DB automation project, all "business logic" is contained within a DLL file, and the EXE simply provides the GUI interface.
::End Geek Stuff::

The GUI may not be pretty, but I'm a developer, not a graphic designer. It does NOT support visual styles. If anyone wants to create an icon for the program, feel free to upload it and I'll take a look.

DB Turn Tracker requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 be installed on your system to operate. If its not already on your system, it can be found in the optional software section of Windows Update. I do NOT know if this software will function with Mono (.NET for *nix) "as is", as I have virtually 0 *nix experience and none in development. This is Windoze software.

DB Turn Tracker is licensed (I know, dirty word, but wait . . .) under the FSF GPL, v3.0. It includes C# source code with project/solution files for #Develop, a free and open source IDE. If you aren't familiar with the GPL, it basically means that you're free to redistribute it, modify it, or do whatever else you want with it, except you can't claim it as your own work and you can't take away these rights from anybody else you give it to. More details here at the GPL FAQ.

(For the record, the .NET Framework qualifies as system libraries under GPL v3, and therefore it's source is NOT included or available.)


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Skarn Rapajya

First Post
While this entire forum is essentially dead, and I uploaded this program more than ten years ago, there HAVE been a few downloads recently (three of the current 11 total downloads were within the past 13 months), so there is still at least some interest in DB.

That being said, I've been updating the DB Turn Tracker. Feel free to either post here or send me a private message on these forums if you're interested in an updated version of the tracker.

DB Turn Tracker v2.2.3.2 was completed about a year ago. It has been updated to .NET v4.0, and it adds a spell duration tracker and the ability to save current turn number and active spell information to disk in CSV format. It has the option to automatically resize itself to keep as many active spells visible as possible. Finally, there is a separate utility available designed to create and edit the common spell and PC lists that the tracker uses to populate it's 'Add New Spell' dialog.

DB Tracer v3.1 is currently under development, still using .NET v4.0. The common spell and PC list editor has been incorporated into the main program, and optional sound effects have been added to random encounter tracking. The Auto-Resize feature now has an additional option which will, if the list of active sells grows rather large, limit the size of the window to keep it on screen and move it within the screen to keep the entire window visible as the lists expand beyond the edge of the display. Additional planned features include the ability to keep track of whether or not the current room has been searched by each party member, and the ability to keep track of bonuses from Pathfinder v1's Stealth Synergy feat. (Yes, DB works quite well with Pathfinder, once you take the time to update the random encounter charts.)

At present, I have no plans to update the program using a newer version of the .NET framework. That being said, I'm still willing to provide source code under GPL v3.0, and AFAIK, it should compile without modification against newer versions of the framework.

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