[DC Metro Area] Seeking Group or more Gamers


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Hey Everyone,

I was hoping to find some people to game with in the DC Metro area and have so far found 2 others looking for a group. We're interested in board games and card games but we really want to play some role playing games. Most of the experience from the group is with a variety of editions of D&D. We have some people willing to GM different types of games, but we want to figure out what suits the group best before we commit to a specific campaign if we start from scratch.

Wednesday evenings and weekends seem to be the best time to meet for the current people.

If anyone is interested in meeting up or has some spots open in an existing group, please let me know. Feel free to ask more questions in the thread or contact me.

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Do you know what RPG system(s) your group is mainly interested in? If it's an earlier version of AD&D (preferably 1E), count me interested.


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I think our group is looking for something around 3E/Pathfinder-4E for D&D, with the possibility of other gaming systems in the future.


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I'm in the DC area (Bethesda) and am also looking for a group to join. I'm more keen on a regular, story-driven campaign, but I'd join some one-shots to get warmed up. I'm happy with anywhere Metro accessible or just off the beltway.


Hey, sorry for the necro, but I'm about to start an Eclipse Phase campaign and am looking for some players. The creators of Eclipse Phase describe it as a game of "post-apocalyptic transhuman horror," with the players as secret agents battling existential threats to humanity.

I would describe it as "Ghost in the Shell" meets "The Expanse," by way of Takeshi Kovacs. If you've played SOMA, you know what I'm talking about. It's a hard sci-fi world set after the Singularity: when AI reached sentience and almost spelled the end of humanity. Rather than die out, humans have... changed. Some of us are just bits of data floating around in cyberspace, while others have had their conciousness transferred to superhuman Olympians or even clanking, rusty old robots. Death is a slap on the wrist: just upload into a new body. One thing's for sure though; nobody's going back to Earth. When the TITAN AIs went haywire, they laid waste to the whole planet, leaving only the colonies throughout the solar system intact.

If you want to know more, Eclipse Phase is published under the Creative Commons license, so you can check it out for yourself here: robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs/

Anyway, I'm planning to run a monthly game in the downtown Washington, DC area, by Labyrinth Games & Puzzles. If you're interested, or have any questions, hit me up! I'm a veteran DM, but this is my first foray into Eclipse Phase, so we can all learn it together!

Also, what kind of character were you thinking of playing? Right now, we have a "face" and a scientist/hacker. We might need a hands-on fighter type, or a thief...

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