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Today is the first day of D&D Experience in Forte Wayne. The convention lasts four days, and is sponsored and attended by WotC.

This year there will be public (but under NDA) playtests of the next iteration of D&D, as well as seminars, panels, and Q&A sessions. With luck, there will be plenty of juicy D&D Next scoops emerging from the convention - and if you're there and you have some information please don't hesitate to email me (morrus at hotmail dot com) so that I can share it with the rest of us who were unable to attend.

Today's main seminar is Charting the Course: An Edition for all Editions - "Join Mike Mearls, Monte Cook, and Jeremy Crawford as they discuss the origin for the idea to create an edition of Dungeons & Dragons that encompasses all previous editions. The designers discuss the challenges in creating compatibility and balance, as well as the exciting possibilities such a system creates. Seminar to be followed by a Q&A session."

The playtest is called Caves of Chaos: "Join the first public playtest of the next iteration of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. The playtest offers players the chance to run pre-generated 1st-level characters through the Caves of Chaos, a four-hour D&D adventure. Wizards of the Coast staff will be running several tables each day. As part of the playtest, participants must sign a special non-dislcosure agreement for playtesters."

Adventure Description: For years, Castellan Keep has stood on civilization’s frontier, commanding a grand view of that dismal realm known as the Borderlands. A forlorn place, rife with monsters and terrors beyond imagining, adventurers have used this fort to seek glory and plunder in this dangerous realm, to unearth fabulous treasures and destroy foul monsters. Of all the haunts found here, none equal the Caves of Chaos in both danger and the promise of reward. Rumors abound of the wicked humanoids, the sinister monsters, and the dark priests that run amok in this dungeon. Only the most cunning and bold adventurers dare to face the dreaded caverns. Do you have what it takes to survive the Caves of Chaos?

If I hear anything, I'll update this post! All updates below.


A game of D&D Next hosted by Alphastream. The group is battling a room full of orcs. From Twitter.




SEMINAR: Charting the Course: An Edition for all Editions

Picture from Twitter: Monte Cook, Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford
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Note, there are no minis/tiles in the picture, despite them battling a room full of orcs.

I'm guessing that's intentional to show that you can play without mini's to try to win back those who worried that it was too focused on mini combat. We will probably soon see picture with minis to show that you can use them if you want to. (Personally I love minis and use them even for games that don't need them).

I don't suppose anybody with eyes sharper than mine can make out anything written on those papers?

Not a hope, I'm afraid.

Even zooming in and fiddling with the contrast, each line of text is only a pixel or two high given the resolution of the image (which was taken on an iPad rather than with a proper camera).


On the bright side, maybe having a combat with a substantial number of minis in a tight space means a move away from the ultra-tactical style of 4E?

On the bright side, maybe having a combat with a substantial number of minis in a tight space means a move away from the ultra-tactical style of 4E?

I hated the 20x20 room packed full of orcs, ugh. Fighting = tactics.

No doubt we'll see a character sheet real soon now.


What exactly is the purpose of having "open playtests" under a NDA? I don't think that means what WotC thinks it means...

Open to anyone that wants to play...and sign an NDA. As opposed to closed playtests, where the players are handpicked.

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