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Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale [BUNDLE] - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

This special bundle contains all 11 modules of the Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale campaign for one low, discounted price.

The Decimation of Delimibyr Vale can be played as a standalone campaign or as a non-canon conclusion to the legendary adventure that began in Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle and left off in Storm King's Thunder. The modules contained in this bundle are inspired by over a dozen Wizards and TSR publications dating all the way back to the 1980s. Nearly two years in the making, the Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale was written and designed to entertain both new and experienced DMs and players alike.

Revel in updated descriptions and stat blocks for classic NPCs, such as Sir Darfin Floshin, Lady Morwen Daggerford, King Melandrach, Pencheska, Mishka, Baroness Wynn Cromm, and the infamous black dragon Sjachmalsvir. Promote once-obscure NPCs, such as Nelkin “the Snail” Danniker, Zirazylym, Jerdan Went, and Luc Sunbright, to notoriety or infamy. Also encounter brand new antagonists and heroes, such as Auntie Toadjoints, Kroar the Warmonger, and Pearl Cryer.

Your party will earn faction renown, upgrade their lifestyles, complete optional side quests, and recover a bounty of treasure that includes custom items, such as the Lyre of Amanitas, Vittorio's charm, Oyfanen's Bestiary, and the Canticle-inspired spindle-disks, all while exploring time-honored, campaign-specific versions of Daggerford, Julkoun, Secomber, the High Moor, Mishka's Warren, the Ruins of Hastarl, and, of course, the perilous Lizard Marsh. Every location is newly illustrated with over 100 printer-friendly black-and-white DM maps and full-color battlemaps suitable for uploading to virtual tabletops.

The decimation of Delimbiyr Vale began when a rakshasa tricked a Tempus priest into opening a gateway to the Nine Hells. This event led to the Red Wizards of Thay attempting an all-out invasion of Faerûn. Ultimately, the Red Wizards failed, their sudden defeat coming at the hands of a coordinated attack by a vast number of adventuring parties. In the tendays that followed, the denizens of the vale celebrated and feasted, nescient that one shadowy fiend remained, forgotten even by the Thay…​


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