DM Genie 2.18 Released


List of changes in version 2.18.307

Major Changes

* Items: Weapon items can have attack data associated with them, to be edited in the Items Editor, Weapon tab. This is used for specific magical weapons, for instance.
* Item Scripting! Items can now have script code, just like feats, allowing for powerful custom effects. See the documentation for more details.
* Classes: Spellcasting (and psionic) classes can now have custom spell lists - that is, being able to specify a few spells (and their levels) without having to add an entry to all the Spells: lines in the spell descriptions.
* Leveling Wizard: Spell (and power) list now has a filter by spell level. It works better than the text filtering, and takes into account custom spell lists too. You can specify a range of levels, like "1-4".
* Forced Class Skills: You can now specify a forced class skill for only a particular class, by putting [Clr] (for example) after the skill name.
* Leveling Wizard, Skills: There is now a box for Forced Class Skills in the leveling wizard. Press Enter to update the list of skills when you change it.
* Weapon Editor: Can enter secondary damage for standard weapons.

Minor Changes

* Character Sheet: A checkbox allows you to remove temporary conditions/ability changes before printing. Magical effects from items or load are still displayed, however.
* Char sheet: Fixed Natural Armor bonus being printed as twice the real value.
* Fixed bug: Magical Weapon Maker: The 2nd dice of damage did not carry over.
* Fixed bug: Conditions tab: Counters' up/down arrows did not change the # of rounds left.
* Random Encounters: With a new dialog, you can add the randomly rolled creatures to any group, or replace any group; and specify the round # at which they come in for reinforcements for instance.
* Encounter Level Calculation: Fixed incorrect EL for multiple creatures with CR of exactly 1.
* Combat log: When starting a combat, the current game time/date are entered in the combat log.
* Class Editor: Fixed bug where skill names with commas were split upon addition.
* Stat block import: The Special Qualities and Attacks are read to try to give the related feats or abilities automatically.
* Statblock output: Added a Special QualitiesFixed missing secondary damage in attacks.
* Fixed missing creatures occuring when using 'Resort by Initiative' in the All Creatures group.
* Item Scripting Tab: Controls now resize properly.

Core Data

* Weapon Abilities: Entered scripting where applicable, for both magic and psionic weapon abilities.
* Specific Magical Weapons: Entered weapon data and some scripting, to make their use more convenient.
* Combat Expertise: Coded it so that Total Defense removes the Expertise condition (they don't stack).
* Full Plate: Correct cost is 1500 gp.

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