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Dawn Dragon
Dog Moon said:
So during our game of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft [after the knowledge of high deaths was passed around, they came to like it well enough], we occasionally make comments about the first death in the group: when a character became a Vargouille himself. I think I mentioned how neat it would be to have it as a template when the player found out that the town had been overrun and said that somewhere in that group of Undead was a floating head that looked like his old character.

So of course Medusa heads was mentioned. :) Here's the template for your viewing pleasure:

Very, very cool! :cool:

This has been added to my homebrew bestiary.

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Dog Moon

Jdvn1 said:
This has dropped too low!
(update ;) )

Sorry. Have like 4 creatures that are in various stages of being built atm. Will try to post at least one of them soon.

Edit: One of them should be ready by the end of tomorrow evening. :)
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Dog Moon

This is a creature that actually came to me a couple of days ago on my walk to the bus, impressive considering it's like a 30 second walk and I hadn't been thinking of dnd until right then. I kept the idea in my head and worked on it a little and then set it aside. I finished most of it last night and essentially added a tiny bit to the end right now. Ecology isn't particularly clever, but I'll try to think of something to make these more interesting. Can anyone guess which creature I took and modified to make this? Hint: this did not start out as an Aberration.

Size/Type: Huge Aberration
Hit Dice:
9d8+45 (101 hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 40 ft, burrow 10 ft.
Armor Class: 22 (-2 size, +2 Dex, +12 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+24
Attack: Bite +13 melee (2d8+8)
Full Attack: Bite +13 melee (2d8+8) and 2 claws +11 melee (2d6+4)
Space/Reach: 15 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: -
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft, DR 10/non-magic, fast healing 5, scent, SR 24, tremorsense 60 ft.
Saves: Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +7
Abilities: Str 27, Dex 15, Con 20, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6
Skills: Jump +18, Listen +9, Spot +3
Feats: Alertness, Delay Potion (B), Multiattack, Track, Weapon Focus (bite)
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary or pair
Challenge Rating: 9
Treasure: See Below
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 10-16 HD (Huge); 17-27 HD (Gargantuan)
Level Adjustment:

Drink Potion (Su): As a Standard Action, Peneins can drink one of the potions inside it's back. It can choose to gain the benefits immediately or store it as with the Delay Potion feat to drink later as a Swift Action. At the beginning of battle, a Penein will always have one potion ready for this feat. It can choose any potion at will to use to gain a positive effect.

Potion Splash (Su): Whenever a Penein is struck by a weapon, a potion will splash out of it's back. It affects targets only within 5 feet of it. The potion is random [use the chart below] and because of the special nature of the Penein, it will always have the opposite effect upon the attacker, as on the chart below. The DCs of the potion effects are 19 and are Con-based. The duration of the effects, except for those which have instantaneous damaging effects, are as a 9th level caster.

	Potions				If Splashes
1	Cure Light Wounds		Inflict Light Wounds
2	Endure Elements			5 Elemental Damage
3	Mage Armor			4 Force Damage
4	Remove Fear			Cause Fear
5 	Barkskin			Morale penalty on defense
6	Bull's Strength			-4 Strength penalty
7	Cat's Grace			-4 Dex penalty
8	Cure Moderate Wounds		Inflict Moderate Wounds
9	Eagle's Splendor		-4 Cha penalty
10	Fox's Cunning			-4 Int penalty
11	Owl's Wisdom			-4 Wis penalty
12	Remove Paralysis		Cause Paralysis
13	Resist Energy			10 Elemental Damage
14	Cure Serious Wounds		Inflict Serious Wounds
15	Haste				Slow
16	Rage				Calm Emotions
17	Remove Blindness/Deafness	Cause Blindness/Deafness
18	Remove Curse			Bestow Curse
19	Remove Disease			Cause Disease
20	Magic Fang			Morale penalty on attacks

Note: If a 5 or 20 is rolled, roll another 1d20.
Roll Result
1-6 +/- 1
7-11 +/- 2
12-15 +/- 3
16-18 +/- 4
19-20 +/- 5

DR (Su): A Penein's DR is special. It is protected from magical attacks and in fact reduces the damage from magical attacks. Only normal weapons are capable of damaging a Penein normally.

Peneins are magical experimentations that have apparently learned how to procreate and thus have been slowly increasing in numbers. Their lifestyles, however, are known to none because the few times they have been encountered, combats have errupted ending in either the death of the Pinein or the death of those looking for them.

Their bodies are turtle-like though the shells upon their back are covered with numerous soft spots which frequently expand and retract due to the liquid moving around within them. Dark green scales covers the rest of their bodies, though these scales aren't as protective as the one upon their back.

The liquid upon the back of the Penein can be taken and used as a potion, though some people might not like the idea of drinking liquid which came from the inside of another creature. Each creature after the battle has 1d4 doses of potions [roll on the table above to determine which kind; repeats are possible]. The person must succeed at a Craft [Alchemy] check DC 15 to successfully remove the potion. This potion grants the beneficial effect. Failure on this check means that the potion is actually a negative potion and will instead cause harm to the imbiber.
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Dog Moon

Jdvn1 said:
Rolling a 5 makes people feel guilty? ;)

5 and 20 are apparently special. :)

There was no REAL order to that except I went down the list of pots in the DMG. I think I ended up just tacking on the last one because it fit in. Imagine my surprise when I went down the list and had 20 pots exactly.

If you think something's missing or not quite right with that creature let me. Something about it bothers me, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
I've only read about half of it--I'm studying for finals! I just wanted to tease you about rolling a 5. ;)

I'll probably have more time to look through this later this week or next week.

Dog Moon

Okay, came up with this creature like a half hour ago. Am posting this now, though I know it needs to be gone through once again and checked for mistakes.

Medium Monstrous Humanoid
Hit Dice: 3d8+6 (19 hp)
Initiative: +5
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares), swim 40 ft.
Armor Class: 15 (+1 Dex, +4 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+6
Attack: Claw +6 melee (1d4+3)
Full Attack: 2 claws +6 melee (1d4+3)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Alternate Visions
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft, weakness against illusions
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +5
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 14
Skills: Bluff +9, Perform [fortune teller] +9, Sense Motive +10, Spot +10
Feats: Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Neutral evil
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment:

Weidziecs are wicked looking creatures covered in stitched designs covering the bodies and tattoos. They are shorter and stockier than humans, but are relatively similar except that their skin is dark gray and twisted and toughened to give them a body better able to deflect blows. Their lips are almost always curled into a snarl, revealing their disgusting yellowed and dirty teeth. Their claws are sharp and always covered in blood since their first kill. They seem to believe this grants them the ability to read the tarot cards better.

Weidziec personalities vary depending on where they are and who knows about their abilities. Most live in isolated areas such as caves with several members from the surrounding areas as body guards. Others who have been found by wealthier organizations keep them in an area which is as much about comfort as imprisonment. Either way, however, they require the bodies of women to pass on their abilities. It is said that there has never been a female Weidziec in existence and certainly, no one has ever seen one. Any woman of any race will suffice for their purposes, though they of course prefer the beautiful flesh that they do not themselves possess. Some have speculated that the more beautiful the woman, the more powerful the offspring, but this has never been proven.

Alternate Visions (Su): Weidziecs have the ability to see events in the future, incidences in the past, and the ability to see what cannot normally be seen in the present. It can only have one of these open at one time, however, though it can switch eyes once per round as a free action.

Future: Weidziecs see events before they happen. They have the uncanny ability to know when they are going to enter a combat before it occurs and can even judge where an opponent is going to be even before that opponent moves. They gain a bonus on Init checks, Armor Class, and attack bonus equal to their Wisdom modifier.

Past: Weidziecs can look into the past and see things how there were before. This allows them to do one of two things:
1. Cure themselves. Essentially, they view themselves before they had taken damage and then their wounds body changes to become that vision. This acts as a Cure spell equal to their Hit Die with a Caster level equal to twice their Hit Dice. Thus the average Weidziec cures 3d8+6.

2. Inflict others. Weidziecs can view a creature how it was some time in the past, see the opponent during a time after it had received wounds. It follows the same rules as the cure spells. The spell DC is equal to 13 + spell level. This is Wisdom-based.

Present: Weidziecs can see creatures no matter where they are and how they attempt to hide. They gain the blindsense ability.

Weakness to Illusions: Weidziecs automatically fail Will saves against Illusion spells. Against Illusions spells that grant another save [such as Phantasmal Killer], Weidziecs automatically the Will save portion of the spell, but still make the save for the portion.

Dog Moon

I just wanted to say that I used the Maniacs in the first combat of my newest campaign. It was totally awesome. I used them in combination with 2 Cask Imps from the Monsternomicon. Started by having a guy suddenly running around and then he fell off the ship. Then two others ran the length of the ship away from a Maniac.

As people started doing weird things, everyone kind of figured out what the effect was, but it took them a little longer to figure out where the source was. Most of the damage came from the PCs striking each other, but the Commoners did get a couple of lucky hits in [twice ALMOST crit hit, but not quite].

Paladin detected Evil and one of the random Commoners I decided was evil, and everyone thought he was the cause before they figured out the truth. So they ended up knocking him unconscious though ironically, he didn't even do anything except for the one time he was confused and attacked someone else.

So then they decided to interrogate one of the Maniacs. They were like 'Why did you do this?" He was like "I don't know what happened. I was just performing and people started acting weird. I thought it was just them acting out their joy." Players were like 'riiiight'. Then I said 'Everyone make Will saves'. Seriously though, it took a Paladin, a hexblade, and an Artificer like 8 rounds to strike him once to knock him unconscious again [and this without armor and considered flat-footed because of the manacles - though he maybe shouldn't be - wouldn't have for effects like Sneak Attack though had there been any Rogues]. They kept getting hit with the aura and the laughter and the couple of times they managed to attack him, they missed.

Was a GREAT experience we all enjoyed immensely.

Dog Moon

Man, looks like everyone [jdvn1 and fru] has deserted this thread. :(

Anyway, this creature I developed by seeing a picture which gave me the idea. The idea isn't so much the creature beneath the shadows, but I was thinking that while that could be anything, perhaps the shadows above could attack on their own.


Size/Type: Medium Aberration
Hit Dice:
6d8+12 (50 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 40 ft, 40ft
Armor Class: 20 (+5 natural, +4 dex, +1 dodge), touch 15, flat-footed 64
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+8
Attack: Strand +8 melee (1d6+4)
Full Attack: Strand +8 melee (1d6+4)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Improved Grab, Strand Frenzy, Weapon Wrap
Special Qualities: Body Wrap
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +5
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16
Skills: Hide +17, Listen +11, Move Silently +13, Spot +11
Feats: Alertness, Dodge, Improved Grapple
Environment: Underground
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 6
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always Lawful
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment: -

Khads appear as almost formless creatures of shadow, but in truth, they are quite solid and can be struck normally. This view is most frequent due to their rippling motions as they move.

When attached to a host, Khads appear as soft, beautifully woven black velvet cloaks imbued with the power of liquid shadows. Most of the time, they are still as if waiting, but once they sense danger or excitement, they begin to ripple, moving even if there is no wind in the air.

Khads attack with long strands which stretch out from their main bodies. If they strike, they hold on fast. They then use their frenzy ability on their target, attempting to strike the poor sod with as many attacks as they can get out.

Those the Khads choose to take as a Host are those who manage to live through their frenzy, with or without help of allies [even if the target cannot kill it alone, proving it is strong, it feels better knowing that the target has strong allies as well]. If a target manages to defeat it before the frenzy, it does not choose the person.

"When one asks where a Khad first came from - a silly question about ANY race or creature, if you ask me - I refer them to a story I once heard. Perhaps not true, but it is possibly just as true as any other myth and, in my opinion, seems the most likeliest of the myths.

"There was a young man who started off as a simple young man. He was a farmer, nothing more, nothing less. Adventuring was a far off thing which created legends that he heard over tankards of ale and while the stories always sounded glamorous, he had no aspirations whatsoever of becoming one.

"That all changed one night when enemies attacked during the night. They came up from the ground, destroying the crops he had helped so carefully to put in. The farm was destroyed, his family killed, the village annihilated, his friends eaten. How he managed to survive, he didn't know, but survive he did. Perhaps the Gods were keeping him alive to give him a chance for vengeance or perhaps they thought to use him in their own devices.

"At any rate, this young man began to hunt these creatures down. It was difficult for the inexperienced lad, but during his travels searching for them, he learned a few tricks of his own and each trick he learned, with every step he took, his innocence and niavete slowly disappeared.

"When he finally fought those creatures, he believed he could handle himself, but turns out he was wrong. He almost died right there, was almost killed on the spot, but he cried out to the Gods just before the last drop of blood fell from his torn apart body. 'Gods, help me!' he cried. 'Grant me your protection!' They did.

"He was fighting creatures of light and the Goddess of the Shadows answered his prayers. She brushed her lips upon his forehead and instantly, his shadow rose up from the ground and protected him. It was a shadow unlike any other, a shadow unbreachable by the light of the beings. He killed the being of light and though it had never been his plan, his heart was touched with evil.

"Though he didn't know it at the time, his village had been part of an evil that was spreading throughout the countryside and those beings of light were champions of good seeking to destroy said evil.

"You ask what happened to that evil?"
The man smiled grimly. The shadows wrapped around his hands, a shadow the other could not see. A strand of shadow erupted from near his left shoulder and before the other man could react, pierced the forehead beneath the tip of the cowl.

His smile fell away. "I have fallen into evil and have embraced it with my soul."

While according to the creation myth Khads were created by a Goddess in response to a plea, Khads have began to appear in numbers which bely that myth. It is still known, however, that Khads prefer the company of others and they believe that the best way to do so is to 'attach' themselves to others who share a similar view of the world as them. These views change from Khad to Khad and not all are as evil as the one in the creation myth.

Sometimes, Khads can be found while adventuring, though this is most infrequently the case. These Khads are the lonely Khads, the ones which have lost their friend/host and have found a place for themselves to survive, though few would truly call this 'living'. The most common tactic of these Khads is to stretch themselves out over some sort of entrance or hole. Creatures see darkness in the next room and while attempting to enter, walk directly into the Khad. In this case, it gains a free chance to grapple an opponent and it makes their lives easier.

Most of the time, however, Khads adopt a person as their host/friend. They do this by attaching themselves to the person's shadows, behaving exactly as if they were an ordinary shadow, lengthening when the sun is low and shortening when the sun is high. If they believe the target is compatible with them after examining them for some time, they let themselves be known to the person. This procedure has the effect of infusing the Khad with the person's shadows. If the Khad leaves, the person's shadow disappears. If not, the shadow remains within the Khad.

These bonds are usually tight and very hard to break. The Khad will never betray the one who it is bonded to and ware the host who tries to betray the Khad.

Body Wrap (Su):Khads can wrap themselves around the body of the host, protecting him from physical attacks, granting him a +4 enhancement bonus to Natural Armor. This also helps to wrap the person partly in shadow, granting him a +2 circumstance bonus to Hide checks.

Strand Frenzy (Su): Once per day, a Khad can go into a Strand Frenzy. The host loses all bonuses from the cloak as the Khad begins to circle around in the air. On the first round, the Khad may make a single normal attack. The second round, the Khad continues to spin faster, allowing it to make two normal attacks that round as a full-round action. Every round which passes adds an additional attack for the Khad. During this time, as the Khad increasingly becomes faster and more difficult to hit. Attacks seem to be deflected away from the Khad. On the first round, the Khad gains a +1 Deflection bonus to armor class. Every round thereafter, the Khad gains an additional +1 Deflection bonus. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal 3 + the Con mod of the Khad.

If this ability is used while grappled, the Khad can only make the attack roles upon the person it is currently being grappled to, though it retains the AC bonus against all opponents. The person being grappled is considered as being denied their Dexterity bonus to Armor.

Weapon Wrap (Su): Khads can wrap a part of their selves around the host's weapon, whether a pair of claws or a melee weapon. Ranged weapons do not count for this ability. They add an amount of damage to the attacks equal to their Strength modifier. Normal Khads deal an additional +4 damage with each hit.

Due to their shadowy nature, Khads gain a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks.
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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Dog Moon said:
Man, looks like everyone [jdvn1 and fru] has deserted this thread. :(
Certainly not!

I just haven't been on EN World very much at all. ;) I still check over here, though!

Dog Moon

Jdvn1 said:
Certainly not!

I just haven't been on EN World very much at all. ;) I still check over here, though!

Ah, glad yer still here. I feel a little better knowing that even one person is looking at this thread. :) Keep wondering if maybe I should have a mod move this to a little higher frequency area like Plots, Places, and Rogues or something....

Dog Moon

Thanks, glad you guys like. IMO, it's missing just one thing: a little more details on ecology. Don't know why, but I kinda feel the need to explain a little bit WHY that thing exists as it does.


First Post
Dog Moon said:
Thanks, glad you guys like. IMO, it's missing just one thing: a little more details on ecology. Don't know why, but I kinda feel the need to explain a little bit WHY that thing exists as it does.
Please do, Dog Moon. We live for such indulgences. I smell coffee cooking, so I will have a cup while I keep checking for the update. Will you edit the entry? Or give a seperate post with a robust ecology? :cool: :D

Dog Moon

HolyGrenadeFrenzy said:
Please do, Dog Moon. We live for such indulgences. I smell coffee cooking, so I will have a cup while I keep checking for the update. Will you edit the entry? Or give a seperate post with a robust ecology? :cool: :D

Probably edit with a post saying that I edited it. May not happen tonight though. Got a couple of ideas, but nothing that isn't silly. ;)


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Dog Moon said:
Okay, it has been updated. Let me know what you think.
Nicely done and expediently too. Tonights game is finished but we plan on starting early tomarrow. I am not DMing tonight but probrably will be sometime tomarrow. I may even convince the current DM whom is TheEmpire here to use the Khad in the current game against our players.........argh, I am working in reverse now, I might wanna rethink that but ultimately I do not care as long as the game is fun. Thanx, Dog Moon. We will let you know how it plays out. Great Job on the addition!


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