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Free Domains of Shadow: The Final Draft of the Storygame of Gothic Tragedy

Nathan C.

Thank you EN World forums! Due in large part to advice from this forum, I have been finally able to complete my original roleplaying system, Domains of Shadow. I wanted to show my appreciation by making a specially signed copy for the users of this forum. The link to that pdf is provided below. You can learn more about Domains of Shadow in the following post:

EN World Signed DoS Guidebook:

You had immense power once. Perhaps you still do.

Either way, there is nothing you regret more.

The world suffers from your actions.

The actions you once thought were so heroic.

Now that you have plunged your world into Domains of Shadow,

Will you ever find the light?

This is Domains of Shadow, a GMless and Rules-Lite Storygame of Gothic Horror and Shakespearean Tragedy. A system made for telling the stories of fallible humans whose corruptibility, flaws, and secrets lead to their tragic downfall. Not only that, but Domains of Shadow is specially built to tell stories that would be just as enjoyable to an outside audience as the players themselves, in the form of actual plays. It was primarily designed by Nathan Cavaliere, voice of Wheel of the Weird Roleplaying.

You can get the complete 52 page Domains of Shadow Guidebook, as well as its supplementary guidebook, Visions of Chaos, for free in pdf on itch.io, DriveThruRPG (eventually), or on the official website linked below:

Domains of Shadow | Wheel of the Weird Roleplaying

The crow calls. Lightning flashes. The curtains open. Begin Act I, Scene I.

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