D&D 5E Dragonflight: Dracthyr evoker.

Would you like to can play as dragon PCs?

  • Yes, it would be cool!

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  • No, it sounds as a horrible idea.

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OK, we can agree the idea of Warcraft published by WotC is only speculation, but this doesn't mean it wasn't possible in the future.

The future expansion of the famous MMO "World of Warcraft" ("we keep your children's virginity for years") will add a new PC race, the drachyrs, and new class only for these, the evoker.

This has made me remember the dragons as monster-classes, published in Dragon Magazine (I bought them, one of metalic and other for chromatic) and the AD&D "mini-setting" "Councyl of Wyrms". I miss the monster classes, and I wonder about a new class based in draconic traits, anything as the prestige class "dragon disciple" among others. A dragon as PC is a serious challenge for DMs because they can be too big in the underground dungeons, or the flight movement can break the balance in outdoor encounters. They can't wear the armours and clothing for bipedal humanoids, and even if they could, armours are too heavy to flight. They are two options for a dragon PC, one is a "runt" or nerferd version, weaker than ordinary members of their space. The other option is to start as an ordinary humanoid, and "digievolutioning" toward a draconic shape.

If WotC publishes a reboot of "Councyl of Wyrms", maybe with ideas from Chris Perkins' homebreed setting "Iomandra", what touch would you add? For example Io's blood islands would be a demiplane within the elemental Limbo, and lord dragons could create their own demiplanes where they were worshiped as deities. This could allow space to add later dragons from all editions, even those that have been forgotten. For example a cobra-dragon as the founder and leader of a Lovecraftian cult of yuan-ti.

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