Dragonlance Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen shows up in the wild!


Here's what's in the compendium:

Screenshot 2022-12-06 074339.jpg

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Well, Australia gets messed around again. Up until yesterday the Aust release date was listed as 6 December. Now it's 6 December, and there's none to be found, some places have already sold out of preorders, others are saying the release has been delayed, and I can't find a copy of the book in any Australian games shop, physical or online, before the end of January.

However, i CAN find a copy of the deluxe boxed set. Which is interesting, and implies to me that the demand for the book has probably been unexpectedly high and they diverted all the Australian copies to other markets.


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Kender Thanks A Lot Day Dec 6th! They give thanks for all the cool stuff they found! #dnd #dragonlance #kender Check out DDB Live: Dragonlance Release Day Celebration w/ Designer Wes Schneider

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This thread seems to have gone way off topic, in classic ENWorld style.

Just came around to say I was at my FLGS today and they were unboxing DL SotDQ from their distributor order. It looks very nice, and I finally actually looked at it. I had zero interest in DL as a setting or a property; but the fact that the book is 80% adventure is a big selling point for me.

I would normally buy, but employment situation changed abruptly last week; holidays coming; and frankly I've got 8-9 D&D books I haven't read from previous releases. So it's still a pass, today. But I'm much more open to getting it in the future. Maybe if it's on sale at some point


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Join DM Anthony Joyce-Rivera (@AJoyce_Rivera) as he takes #Dragonlance game designers Mario Ortegón (@elwarius) and Erin Roberts (@nirele) on a tour of the adventure on Roll20.

Watch the DM Walkthrough here:



I picked up the alternate cover at my FLGS. It's a gorgeous book.

I also dropped by Barnes & Noble tonight, and checked out the regular cover. The cover seemed to have a problem. The depression on the front cover, which runs next to the spine, deforms and shoots out in an uneven way when you open the book. I took a picture but it wasn't good. There were 3 copies of the book on the shelf, and they all had this problem.

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