Dungeon Command: Tyranny of the Goblins Review

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I know this review doesn't talk about the quality of the miniatures and they are re-paints of old sculpts, but I just wanted to throw in that their choice of green for the skins was horrible. I though Pathfinder's orcs had ugly green skin, these guys look worse. Also, my set looked real sloppy. Of the 3 (soon to be 4) faction sets out there I think these miniatures are the least desirable.



Well, that was fun
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[MENTION=76559]jcrog[/MENTION], we have a problem in that every one of your 14 posts on EN World consists solely of a link to go elsewhere. Please remember that this is a discussion board, not a links directory, so some discussion woud be appreciated. The occasional promotional link by an active community member is fine; but not when it's 100% of your posts. I did mention this to you in a previous, similar post. I know it's tempting to regard this site as a place to harvest traffic, but please try to avoid that - thanks!

I'll leave this one open for now. It would be great if you were to discuss the product here!


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@Morrus - Sorry about that I did not see the other post. I will keep that in mind in the future.

@Taley - Good point about these being repaints. I figure most people visiting my site didn't play DDM or if they are interested in DC having the sculpts already doesn't matter.

everyone - Yeah the miniature quality is a bit lower than the other sets, but I really enjoyed the interaction and new tactics this set brings to the series.

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