Pathfinder 1E EB's Second Darkness w/RoleMaster rules (plz ignore prefix) - Recruitment (need a Burglar) haha


Yay! Great stuff:)
I'm sure there will lots of specific questions in time, but for the moment I have a general idea what Finn can do..

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No we are starting tomorrow actually, been brainstorming looking into how to gamble, etc.

Anyone who wishes to join may, I'll have a few NPCs (some straight from the adventure) to help round out the group. Just need hero4hire to put his character sheet in the RG. I know he has been busy lately (started the superhero game and all).

We will learn the rules as we go and how they fit in pbp, by the time we are 6/7 months in I think we will have most of it down.


poke for the ever busy [MENTION=20711]hero4hire[/MENTION] see if I can get a d100 roll (here or in the IC). I'm writing up the first combat post for this and am a bit excited to see how it goes.


Just need Jerrod's action for the round.

I know this is a strange system. There are no actions like Dodge or Dash, etc. You can do whatever you wish really. Take a chair and hit someone over the head, flying tackle a couple ruffians to the ground, whatever you wish.

This was all made during the late 80's early 90's so it is one of those open-ended type games.


Sorry it is hard to "know" your characters, so I'll let you see their sheets and ask any questions you wish. As for skills I took the numerous (and there are alot) skills in RoleMaster and worked them down to be a compatible list to Pathfinder after finding the module says... make a Gathering Info check, a History check, or Knowledge Arcana. So any skill in Pathfinder is most of the skills you will use here. I did add a couple extras to characters Secondary Aid, and Streetwise are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

On to the sheets... jonathonhawke already has his.



So I can't find a picture or reference to the made up sword. Go figure, lol

Was thinking it was one of those blades with a flat side.


So it could do slashing crits on one side and krush crits from the other.


Need to catch up here. After are first combat.

Sorry I forgot about your Adrenal Move(STR) - Should have reminded you to try it, as it only is a -20% to activity to give you a +10 OB, and let you deal double concussion hits.

Will get use to all the extra abilities as we play.

Didn't use your "bombs" but I think that was for the best as they could have caused some damage. Let's say they burn hot and fast, so the chance of catching something on fire is based on what's in the area. But they are your best attack right now. Here is how they work:

+35 OB (projectile) +/- Range +/- Misc - DB (of target) = result

Then using the fireball table I have found you will hit AT 1 (the lowest row) on a 5 or better and AT 20 (the highest row) on a 25 or better. This is the minimum to get an damage results and then if you score a crit you will roll it at -20 (max result 80) as I don't think you should be able to blast someone into dust, which can happen from a fireball (an 8th lvl spell in RoleMaster).

Also a picture of your tome I never posted. If no one makes their staves/wands roll to id the wand you can use your daily item to do it.

tome of Emrkhet.jpg

Not much different for him. Put people to sleep and got in a hit. Typical combat for a 1st lvl mage. I have an ideal for him learning shadow bolt (around 3rd lvl) from long research into The Blot, it should give him a distance attack.

Epic Threats

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