Endur's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Isida Kep'Tukari

"Se gu'thaios net!" Lia cries, fitting a single arrow to her bow, not wanting to waste any more with the thick fog obscuring any further foes. "It is the whole of this place!"

OOC: Switching to single arrows only, no more rapid shot or manyshot for now.

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A shiver runs up Cedric's spine, but he is able to fight off his instinctive fear and steps forward, blade in hand. He moves to keep the zombies away from his friends, lest they be pulled down while shaken.

"Stand firm!"

Dareios' eyes widen in fear as he sees the winged horrors prey down on his companions...

He starts to shake from the fear and lets his weapon fall down...

"Run! Run for your lives!"

Still, he remains where he was surprised, his shield raised in defense...

Isida Kep'Tukari

Lia sees some of her companions running in fear and takes a deep breath of her own. "Sikilar, guard!" she calls, pointing to Ricven, hoping her hawk companion can at least distract the flying monstrosities from trying to attack him again. Then she lifts her own bow and tries to take down another of the flying heads.

OOC: Still going with single shots.


First Post
Round 2

Skorl is running through the night, running through the night. He hopes he is headed out of Barovia, but due to the fog it is hard to tell.

Skorl sees a couple out for a midnight stroll (see illustration below), but on second thought decides not stop and ask directions, and keeps on fleeing.

Dareios, Dammerung, Boo, and Lia's warhorse recover from their fear and are no longer paralyzed after one of the screeching batwinged demonic heads was destroyed by Strider.

The lumbering zombies are finally into melee with the party.

The zombies plod forward towards the party.

Round 2
24: Dareios rides Darmmeraung forward and attacks a zombie (13+ hit, dmg 5)
24: Dammeraung (-1) slams a hoof into a zombie (17+, dmg 9)
20: Willow drops her crossbow, draws her spear, and attacks a zombie, but misses (3+ miss)
14: Alessandra Exaultiacien calls upon Pelor to destroy the oncoming horde (turn check 16+, dmg 14, 7 zombies destroyed, including all of the zombies that were in base to base contact)
14: Strider bites at the second bat winged demonic head, but misses (1+)
14: Bat Winged Demonic Head (-5) flies 30' away from the party
12: Lia Nailo shoots at the last bat winged demonic head, but misses (6+9, misses due to fog)
12: Lia's horse
12: 5 Zombies move adjacent to the party
11: Skorl Darkskull (panicking for 3 more rounds, dropped sword, fled out of sight) flees
10: Jack Morrow steps back and fires 2 arrows at the nearest zombie, both hitting (9+ hit, 19+ hit, dmg 13-5=8, 8-5=3)
9: Cedric (-3) attacks a zombie with his scimitar (5+6=11 hit, dmg 3)
6: Nikolai (False Life, Mage Armor, Protection from Evil, paralyzed in fear for 6 rounds)
6: Ricven Spellhand (-2, frozen in fear for 6 rounds)
6: Boo


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Cedric tightens his grip on his blade as the zombies draw closer. His comrades seem to have been lost to some strange effect from the flying creatures. Someone must stand against the undead tide.

He swings his blade into the nearest corpse before it can move to attack his comrades.

[sblock=ooc]Attack +6, 1d6+2 [/sblock]

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