EONS #40: Reputation, Contacts, & Credit.


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Your REP score is more important than you realise. It's not just fame - it also controls your credit rating, and your access to aid in the form of contacts. Using these simple rules, your characters can obtain goods on credit, and request assistance from people they have known in their lives. Need that old college roomate to leave the door to the museum wher ehe now works unlocked? Want to call in the expertise of your old xenobiology professor? Can't quite afford that new laser gatling gun? If so, this article is for you! New for EONS patrons!


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Nice addition to the rules.

One thought: the Intelligence Agent/Spy gets no Rep. At first I thought this made sense, because I was thinking of Rep primarily as the ability to be recognized/known, and a spy would not want that. However, Spies should have lots of contacts and the ability to draw on significant credit (i.e. from people who owe them favors or even organizations hoping to get something out of it). How to address this? Maybe with an extra exploit? How about this:

Friends in All Places. Your field experience has allowed you to meet a wide variety of people. You gain additional contacts and access to credit (in a modern or future setting) as if your CHA score was a second REP score. This does not allow you to substitute your CHA for REP on attribute checks or skill rolls; it only provides you additional contacts and access to credit.

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