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Release FG Abandoned Places Map Pack (FG VTT)


Belle Muerte
New Release
FG Abandoned Places Map Pack
SmiteWorks USA, LLC

The Abandoned Places Map Pack features images and art produced by our in-house artist, Joshua Watmough. They have been organized and optimized for use with Fantasy Grounds Unity and the new image tools. This art package's contents are our first venture into modern imagery with over 200 images that are perfect for your post-apocalyptic scenarios.

This pack includes the following items:
*Brushes of 5 different walls, concrete, and rooves
*Decorations of over 150 different natural elements, junked automobiles, litter and debris, and more
*Effects images to make any element look weathered and forgotten
*Tiles of 15 different floors, roadways, rooves, sidewalks, and more


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