WOIN Fire mage and ice mage stat requirements


Hello folks! I am sorry if this question has been asked before, but the only thing I found when searching concerns the secret requirements. While I understand the fire mage requires the secret of fire, what confuses me is that the book says they also need 6+ AGI, and the ice mage 6+ END. This is especially confusing when the example fire mage character only has 5 AGI, even AFTER taking two levels in fire mage. Combine this with the rules reference not mentioning an AGI requirement, I felt the need to ask here if it is required.

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How could she start with 5 AGI? When I checked it seemed they could only start with +2 in something, so it'd be 2 AGI+whatever she gets from careers, right? Do you mean she can reasonably reach AGI 5 in character creation, because if so, then to be a fire mage you really need to drop the idea of having a decent MAG.

Also, what is the error, that the character exists and isn't possible, or that the career requires AGI 6+?


As a human you may add +2 to any attribute (except Luck, and they start at 3), so you could start with 5 AGI.

I think, during the writing process of the book, there was no AGI prerequisite for the Fire Mage and they wrote the stat blocks, changed the prerequisite and forgot to change the stat block.


Ah, right, I always forget that physical stats start at 3. I still think it is a heavy cost considering how heavily you have to invest more in AGI for fire mage, which doesn't really use AGI, than for Archer, which has AGI as its bread and butter.

Thank you very much for your responses.


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Yeah, that sounds like there's an error in the character's stat block. I'd have to look at it, but the pre-req is supposed to be there.


Her careers are Wizard's Apprentice, Mage, Mage, Fire mage, Fire mage. But even if she put 2 points into AGI, none of the careers she took before fire mage gave AGI. This confuses me a bit, I won't lie.

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