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ZEITGEIST Fleshing out Flint


Hello all,

I am getting ready to run a campaign that is taking many parts of Zeitgeist including much of the setting. That said, Flint is left a bit shallowly developed, understandably, and I was wondering if anyone had used another product as a basis to flesh it out. I don't have time to sooo much work so I am hoping to find something that does a significant amount of the work for me.


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How much more detail do you want? At a certain point you go from having story and character hooks to having too much clutter to meaningfully use.

I do recall Eberron's Sharn: City of Towers had a ton of detail about different districts. I actually used it as the basis for the campaign I ran before doing ZEITGEIST, where the PCs were cops.


I was hoping for something that had some details to drop into my setting, the usual city stuff, but that had the sort of fantasy steampunk type of setting of Zeitgeist. Flint is supposed to be a couple hundred thousand residents and I would like use it as more of an urban campaign. I am not going to run all of Zeitgeist, but parts.

I will check out Sharn, thanks!


I did a one-shot adventure in Flint using Blades in the dark rules, and Duskvol seems like a good fit, I was able to transfer most of the details, minus the endless night and hordes of undead oh wait nevermind we're in adventure 10 now...


I've subbed in content from The Blight by Richard Pett for Flint. Castorhage (The Blight) is a lot darker, crime ridden, corrupt, etc than Flint. And the overal vibe is a bit more necropunk than steampunk. But nonetheless, they explore a lot of the same concepts, and quite a bit is still transferable.


oh, that is a good idea. I have The Blight and really liked it, but never ran anything in it. I haven't looked at it in quite a while but what you are saying makes sense. I really wish that setting had gotten some more love, in many ways, as I think it is so full of potential.

You are right, that could take the Zeitgeist thing in a little bit of a grittier direction, which I also think is good. My vision of Flint is more like mid 19th century Manchester, so a fair bit darker than the somewhat light one in the book.

Good suggestion, thanks

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