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With the announcement of The Sundering to usher in 5e, I got interested in the Forgotten Realms fiction. Can anyone steer me in a good direction to start? Justso you know:

1) I have played in the Realms a little bit here and there, but I have found it to be mostly uninspiring in game. Probably the result of some lousy DMing, but there it is.

2) I do not want to read about Drizz't Du'Urden or whatever his name is. I have no interest in this character, so I'd appreciate any suggestions that steer clear of him.


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It's all pretty fluffy, to be honest. I actually like the "first" Drizzt book (Homeland, actually third printed) but I can see your point. Paul Kemp's Erevis Cale books are pretty decent from what I hear and I read the last three which had a number of good characters. Kemp knows how to write a Paladin that's how I always pictured them rather than Lawful Stupid, and makes an interesting supporting character.

I'd skip Avatar ... too many gods.

A good feel for the breadth of Realms lore can be found in the various "Realms of ..." short story anthologies -- I recommend "Valor" and "Magic". That's a good way to sample authors and characters if you then want to follow up with a series.


I' agree with the Erevis Cale and Realms of ... recommendations. I'd add the Best of the Realms series as well.

I'd also recommend any of the books in The Harpers series particularly the ones by Elaine Cunningham.

A couple of these involve RSEs (Realms Shaking Events) but are a good read:
* The Last Mythal trilogy
* The Year of Rogue Dragons trilogy
* The Haunted Lands trilogy

I know you don't want to read about Drizzt but I'd still recommend The Icewind Dale trilogy. It's Salvatore's first Drizzt series and is more adventuring group focused.


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I have only read two FR novels: Prince of Lies and its sequel Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad.

I enjoyed them both. The drama, the action and it was fairly well written.


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Also agree on the Cale novels, very good. Anything by Paul Kemp that is FR related is worth reading, imo. Also, the Moonshae books are good.

Also, I know you don't want to read about Drizz't, but i'll echo the others, the first three books are nice, easy, fantasy books. I would read them again if I didn't have so many books on my shelf.

The Cadderly novels aren't bad, not great, but again, D&D fantasy books.

Here is the wikipedia page....

List of Forgotten Realms novels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I may be being slightly nostalgic, but I found that the earlier books were generally more entertaining. The Darkwalker on Moonshae trilogy by Douglas Niles was quite good (the second trilogy not so much) as was Azure Bonds.

I agree that Paul S Kemp's novels are worth a read, as are most of Elaine Cunninghams novels.

The Harpers series had about 2 good books...

Oh and avoid anything by Ed Greenwood. (I liked spellfire, but it's very silly - even for a DnD novel!)

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