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Guide of Modos
Christmas surprise:
For those of you who have been waiting for light, modular rules, grid-free combat, hero points, spells
requiring concentration, and easy, fast math in a free roleplaying game: you're in luck. D&D 5 is out, and they beat me to the printing press.

But if you were hoping for customizable attributes, organic character development, action-by-action
combat, easy-bake monsters, and all of the earlier-mentioned features: Modos RPG v. 1.30 will not be ready this year. I don't have corporate deadlines, so I won't publish something that I'm not ready to publish.

This version has character archetypes to speed your skill, perk, and spell selections, reformatted rule modules that make the combat and spell systems more optional, new and improved sample modules (rule and adventure), and gear and monsters from three campaign genres (past, present, and future).

The surprise is a first draft .jpg of an encounter flowchart - the beginning of an adventure format designed to minimize your in-session reading time. The v. 1.30 adventure module will feature four flowchart encounters and two map encounters, and each uses three types of elements (static, dynamic, and plot) to give GMs the ability to adjust quickly and customize encounters on the fly.

As before, the game will be free to use and distribute. So if you want to use something (like hero points or defenses by attribute), take it, share it, and tell your friends!

Happy gaming,

P.S. This will be the new thread home, since the other "homebrew" forum is labeled "D&D." Also, do not confuse the Modos RPG open game license with the Wizards of the Coast Open Game License. These are two completely different contracts, with the former essentially saying "please distribute this!"


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Guide of Modos
As one of my favorite parts of the game, modules need to be done right. I’ve cut a lot of subjective material from the modules chapter, and I’m hoping that what’s left is short and sweet.

Each sample module is getting a makeover, and the rules module is complete, although I can’t code the new rules without properly coding the core rules first. The sample rules are:
- New attributes: power and reflex, replacing physical.
- Piecemeal armor: why wear a suit of mail when you could wear a leather cap, steel bracers, a chain skirt, and snazzy vest?
- Dragon magic: having a fourth attribute means another damage pool for fueling more spells. Dragon warriors get free casting actions as their dragon blood increases.


Guide of Modos
Redesign: complete. Rewrite: complete. Sample character sheet: filled out. Cover: complete.

Reformatting: incomplete. Final ToC: incomplete. Final index: incomplete.

I'm using a 10-point font size, which looks great in single-column on a laptop. But single-column leaves a lot of blank space.

Any recommendations for the format of text in a .pdf, now that we're in the age of tablets?


Guide of Modos

You have two sections of your character sheet where weapons and armor can appear. One is for "perks," the other is for "gear." Further, weapons and armor can be physical, mental, or metaphysical. Your physical weapons and armor always appear in "gear," but you can gain the other types of weapons and armor with perks. Also, you can improve your physical weapons and armor with perks.

Do you list your weapons and armor in perks, gear, or both?


Character X
Perks: thought shield d4, armor training (mail), weapon focus (spear)
Gear: mail armor d10, spear d10+1

Thought shield is a perk that provides an improvement to mental armor, which begins at d0, so one perk makes it a d4. Armor training (mail) improves the protection of mail by one die type. Weapon focus (spear) improves the damage of a spear by one die type. So, the armor training perk could list the new mail protection (d10), while the standard protection (d8) is listed under gear. Or, thought shield could reappear under gear, since it's a type of armor, like the mail.


Guide of Modos
Happy Valentine's Day! Modos RPG v.1.30 is now available in ENworld's downloads, Quickstarts and Demos section!

I won't pester you much with details here, but you'll want to try this free game because:

1) The longest part of your character sheet is your character concept.
2) Direct roleplaying rewards (hero points)!
3) Death just makes your character more interesting.

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