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Kickstarter Free PDF Deck of 52 NPC Portrait/Personality/Background Cards


Inkwell Ideas has been hard at work on a few new System Neutral NPC decks. (Art on the front of each card, background/personality info on the back.) We've got a Kickstarter ending tomorrow (Wednesday the 20th at 11pm US eastern) to make at least 5 decks, and maybe one more (town sidequests):

  • Adventurers: A range of professionals, from beginners to legends, each one capable of starting trouble or solving problems.
  • Hirelings/Henchmen: When your adventurers need some extra muscle, you can draw a handful of available talent.
  • Coastal Townsfolk Deck: This coastal town is packed with colorful characters. Every one of them needs something, and has a secret.
  • Frontier/Mining Townsfolk Deck: This was a stretch goal that has been unlocked. Another deck of townsfolk, this time centered on a frontier/mining town.
  • Animals: Another unlocked stretch goal, this deck will have animal companions, familiars, and frequently summoned creatures.
The sample has 14 cards from each of the first three decks mentioned above and five of each of the second two decks. Let us know what you think and if you like them, please support the Kickstarter.


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