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Technological marvels are not limited to gentlemen's attire, but have revolutionized ladies fashions as well. The well dressed femme fatale may avail herself of any of the technological items below artfully complementing the fashions of the day.

Atomizer Accelerant: The cheap perfume held by this atomizer is highly flammable. Creatures spritzed from a squeeze of the rubber bulb suffers 50% more damage from the next fire based attack to hit it within a minute. This touch attack from the atomizer only strikes adjacent targets (5ft range) and inflicts no damage by itself.
Science: simple combustion, EL: 1st; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 1 rank, Craft (alchemy): 1 rank; Wt.: 1 lb., Price: $2,000

Harridin’s Hatpin: Harridan’s Hatpin is a jeweled steel needle (+2 to conceal) that functions like a +2 wushu dart. It is magnetized and will point north when floating in a dish of water or puddle. It also doubles as masterwork thieves tools, and the squeezable lobe holds one dose of poison that can be applied as a swift action.
Science: advanced electromagnetics, EL: 6th, REQ: Knowledge (engineer): 4 ranks, Craft (weapons): 4 ranks, Wt.: na, Price: $9500

Holster Muff: This fur or wool muff can conceal a pair of hand sized weapons such as a knives, knuckle dusters, or pistols. The muff provides a +4 bonus to conceal the weapons and allows the wearer to draw these two weapons together as a swift action if both hands are already inside the muff for surprise attacks. The lining of the muff is designed to block x ray vision, metal detection, and will hide any magic aura from the weapons as well.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 1st, REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 1 rank, Profession (tailor): 1 rank; Wt.: 2 lbs., Price: $2000

Hover Hoop Skirt: This heavy bell shape garment extends from the waist of a female to the floor and is often modeled on ball gowns and morning garb. The cloth exterior conceals a rubber baffles and powerful fans that create an air cushion between the wearer and the ground. Grease, mud, snow, sand, water, ice, and even lava can be traversed unimpeded, since the subjects' feet hover an inch or two above the surface, but radiant energy still damages the wearer. If activated underwater, the wearer will rise at 60ft per round until it she bobs on the waves like a cork. The hover effect lasts up to one hour per day, but the noise of the fans prevents stealth. The retracted rip cord used to activate the hover hoop skirt requires a standard action to pull.
Science: advanced combustion, EL: 5th, REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 5 ranks, Profession (tailor): 5 ranks, Wt.: 20 lbs., Price: $30,000

Iron Corset: This concealed corset is lined with flexible plates that protect vulnerable areas of female anatomy. When worn under ordinary clothes an opponent scores a critical threat against the wearer, treat the wearer’s armor class as +4 higher than normal for the confirmation roll. An iron corset can’t be worn with material armor.
Science: simple relativity, EL: 2nd; REQ: Craft (armor): 2 ranks; Wt: 10 lbs, Price: $4000

Powder Compact: This oval tin holds a pocket mirror and cosmetic powder. In addition to is aesthetic charms, the powder can be used in a variety of ways to facilitate disabling traps and finding secret doors (+3 bonus). The fine white powder can also be used to reveal fingerprints, cause a sneeze (15ft cone, ‘daze’ one round, Fortitude DC: 12), locate drafts, dust floor to capture footprints (5ft square), mark invisible creatures for 1d4 rounds (15ft cone, Reflex DC: 12), and negate ‘grease’ effect (one object or square) as a full round action. The compact can be used 50 times before it is depleted.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 1st; Wt: 1lb. , Price: $2400

Silk Stockings, Artificial: In Ullera, no well-dressed woman is seen in public without hose, and silk or rayon stockings are an obligatory part of every woman’s wardrobe, but they have many nefarious uses as well. They can be used as garrotes or bindings as many cheating husbands have discovered. Stockings will stretch into the equivalent of 50 ft of Silk Rope or a unconventional Sack, Mask, or pair of mittens. If set alight the stockings become a 2d4 round fuse. A more prosaic use is a filter or strainer of liquids, powders, electric lamps, or vacuums. A body stocking costs twice as much and stretches twice as long, but may also be given armor enhancements at the standard armor enhancement costs ($300 plus cost of enhancement).
Alchemical Item (Craft DC: 30); Wt.:na, Price: $50.

Spring Bustle: This metal cage worn at the hips under crinoline ballgowns or formal dresses has several defensive benefits. If a creature makes a successful push or bullrush combat maneuver against a woman wearing a spring bustle, the target can immediately attempt the same combat maneuver to reverse the effect. On the underhand, the character must make an Dexterity or Acrobatics check (DC:15) to stand up if they fall prone and must 'squeeze' through normal 5ft doorways and vehicle doors.
Science: simple relativity, EL: 5th; REQ: Craft (armor): 3 ranks; Wt: 10 lbs, Price: $6000

Stiletto Heel Boots: These lace up boots have a sharpened heel that converts unarmed strikes into lethal piercing damage. Furthermore the boots can be treated as a weapon for further technological enhancements of unarmed strikes. On the negative side the tall heels reduce foot speed by 5 feet.
Science: simple polymer, EL: 1st, REQ: Craft (weapon): 1 rank; Wt: 2 lbs, Price: $500

Riding Habit: A riding habit consists of a tailored jacket or vest, and shirt, and a matching divided skirt allowing a lady to ride astride a mount or vehicle without loss of dignity or modesty. The fashionable habit functions as +1 Padded Armor but grants a +4 riding bonus.
Science: Polymerization; REQ: Craft (leatherworking) 3 ranks; EL: 3rd; Wt.: 15 lbs., Price: $4750

Woolen Combinations: In the harsh Northern winters, the a set of woolen underwear is worth its weight in gold for men and women working outdoors. Beneath down or oilskin the woolens trap heat preventing frostbite so long as they stay dry. In the summer the are often worn while swimming to prevent indecent exposure to the opposite sex. Woolen combinations can be worn beneath clothes or armor prevents frostbite, hypothermia, and non-lethal cold damage so long as they remain dry, but inflict a -4 penalty on saves against lethal and non-lethal heat damage.
Science: Polymerization; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks, Profession (tailor): 2 ranks; EL: 2rd; Wt.: 2 lbs., Price: $1010
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Gentleman’s Emporium (Dandy Desideratum and Doodads)
For every practical and popular invention there are scores of devices that are neither. Eventually such wares find their way into second hand stores and travelling merchants attempting to find a niche market for a unique device after its failure among factory moguls and the public at large. The Gentleman’s Emporium is just such a store catering to the frugal and the fugitive with odd and easily conceal revolutionary technology.

Razor Straw Boater: A straw boater is the latest fashion in summer hats. It is a flat circular woven box wrapped in a ribbon band with a stiff brim. In this weaponized version, the brim of the hat is actually sharpened resin hoop that functions as a masterwork chakram. The innocuous hat provides a +2 bonus to Sleight of Hand to conceal the chakram, and can be given additional weapon enhancements as normal.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 1st; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 1 rank, Craft (weapon): 1 rank; Wt.: 1 lb., Price: $500

Wheel Button Spats: Spats are a fashionable piece of attire designed to keep mud or water off your shoes and socks, but these metal versions have an additional function. Beneath the metal cowling is a pair of retractable wheels that allow the wearer to move twice as fast across smooth surfaces, but unfortunately the wheels make the wearer unsteady and inflict a -2 CMD while deployed. When marching across soft ground such as turf, snow, sand, or climbing ladders or stairs the wheels must be tucked away or speed is reduced by half. Flipping the wheel button spats on and off is a standard action.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 1st; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 1 rank, Craft (armor): 1 rank; Wt.: 1 lb., Price: $2,000 per pair

Zipcord Suspenders: These revolutionary suspenders have a built in launch line and pulley wheel allowing the wearer to glide to a safe landing, but only moving in a straight line up to 180ft away moving at a speed of 60 ft. per round. The user must succeed at a ranged attack (AC 10, RI 60ft) on the square he wishes to land before the device can be used.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 3rd; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks, Craft (clothing): 2 ranks; Slot: Body, Wt.: 1 lb.; Price: $8,000

Paste White Gloves: These look like ordinary evening gloves, but at the twist of a wrist (swift action) the surface liquefies into a gooey paste revealing the skin beneath. The paste from either glove can be used to make the wearer immune to disarming attempts or to seal a door, window, or container permanently as a full round action. Pulling apart a glued surface requires a 25 DC Strength check or swabbing it with alcohol or other solvent. This is a single use item.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 3rd; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks, Craft (clothing): 2 ranks; Slot: Hands, Wt.: 1/2 lb.; Price: $400 per pair

Mustache Wax Filtration: Mustache wax is used to stiffen mustachios, but this revolutionary formula neutralizes poison. A healthy, bushy mustache (each purchase comes a false mustache for clean shaven men, beardless women, and boys) coated with this wax strains out one dose of ingested or inhaled poison. The wax only works once per application (full round action) but lasts 24hrs or until washed off.
Science: moderate polymerization, EL: 7th; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 4 ranks, Craft (alchemy): 4 ranks; Slot: Face, Wt.: NA; Price: $1400

Pomade Helmet: Pomade is a thick gel used to style hair, but this revolutionary version hardens the hair into a protective helmet for 30 minutes per application (full round action) providing +1 natural armor and allows the wearer to inflict lethal damage with head butts (Sm: 1d3/x2, Med: 1d4/x2) and catching the target flat-footed for the first attack with it in that encounter.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 3rd; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks, Craft (clothing): 2 ranks; Slot: Head, Wt.: NA; Price: $300

Injection Sleeve Garter: The sleeve garter keeps cuffs above the hands and the ornamental plate can be slammed as a swift action to deliver a single extract, potion, drug, or other fluid into the wearer’s blood stream. One can be worn on each arm above the elbow. Females have a similar variant worn on the thighs. Filling each injector takes one minute.
Science: simple hydrology, EL: 4th; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks, Craft (clothing): 2 ranks; Slot: None, Wt.: 1 lb.; Price: $2,000 each

Inflatable Union Suit: This rubberized union suit is rapidly inflated by concealed gas canister when triggered. When inflated, the wearer doubles in size and space, is ‘paralyzed’ by the pressure, but gains many other benefits. Nitrogen gas canisters make the suit buoyant and his body can be used as a raft by others. The wearer will also bounce on impact suffering no damage and making a controlled landing anywhere up to the distance fallen with a success full Acrobatics check (DC 15 +1 per 5ft/fallen). A failed roll means the character bounces randomly and suffers half the normal fall damage. Helium canisters lift up to 500lbs up to 100 feet high rising at 20 ft per round. The suit is triggered as an immediate action, but deflating the suit requires a full round action. The gas quickly leaks and the effects will only last for up to 5 minutes per activation or cancelled by the wearer. The union suit can be triggered 10 times before the tank is depleted. The rubber suit has a hardness 3 and 20 hit points.
Science: simple polymerization, EL: 5th; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 3 ranks, Craft (clothing): 3 ranks; Slot: Body, Wt.: 5 lbs.; Price: $1000 plus $1000 for a nitrogen tank or $2000 for a helium tank [Knowledge (engineering) DC 22 to replace].

Strangler Scarf: When activated this extra long wool scarf becomes a small animated object (CR 2) able to grab and constrict on command. Alternatively, it can be set as a trap to attack the next person to handle it. Wires braided into the scarf combined with clockwork broach motor gives the device coordination and mobility, but the wool makes it highly flammable. The scarf is animated for 5 rounds before the mainspring has to be rewound (1 minute). It is a 20 DC perception or knowledge (engineering) check to identify an inactive strangler scarf.
Science: moderate polymerization, EL: 5th; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 3 ranks, Craft (clothing): 3 ranks; Slot: Neck, Wt.: 2 lbs.; Price: $8,000

Explosive Cufflinks: These tiny cufflinks can be used as grenades. A tiny clockwork fuse will detonate the cufflink three seconds after thrown. Each cufflink inflicts 3d6 energy damage to all within a 5 ft radius of the target square (Reflex DC 14 half). Energy type is determined with the cufflink is created and usually indicated by the glass jewel color. The cufflinks are another disguised weapon with a 18 DC perception or knowledge (engineering) check to spot.
Science: varies, EL: 3rd; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks; Slot: Wrist, Wt.: NA; Price: $600 per pair

Security Spool: This insulated cable on a spring loaded spool is used to secure personal property such as a wallet, watch, weapon, or set of keys. After a successful Sleight of Hands check, the trap is triggered unless it is disabled first.
Security Spool Shock (CR 2) Type mechanical; Trigger theft; Reset automatic (1 hour); Perception DC 18, Disable Device DC 18; Atk +5 touch (2d6 electricity plus dazed for 1 rnd)
Science: simple electromechanics, EL: 2nd; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks; Wt.: 1 lb.; Price: $3,000

Collapsible Top Hat: The collapsible top hat is far more powerful than it appears and can be used with both hands to deliver a bull rush maneuver. It comes in three tiers and gives a +2 CMB for bull rushing per tier and increases the distance pushed back by 5ft per tier.
Science: relativity, Wt.: 1lb.
Hat I: EL: 1st, REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 1 rank, Price: $1000
Hat II: EL: 3rd, REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 2 ranks, Price: $6000
Hat III: EL: 5th, REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 3 ranks, Price: $15,000

Fire Eater Cigar: When lit, this cigar can be expended to create a cone of fire as burning hands (5th level). The cigar can only be used once.
Science: moderate combustion, EL: 5th; REQ: Knowledge (engineering): 3 ranks; Wt.: 0.25 lbs; Price: $250

Signal Pipe: The signal pipe looks like a ordinary tobacco pipe, but blowing into the device generates smoke signals for a 30 word message that on a bright, calm day by anyone that knows the ditdah code within 5 miles can read or used to create an obscuring mist (once per day).
Science: simple combustion; EL: 1st; REQ: Knowledge (engineering) 1 rank; Wt.: 1 lb., Price: $600.
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