Pathfinder 1E Gambler (Rogue Archetype)

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GAMBLER (Rogue Archetype)

The gambler is a rogue that relies on his good fortune and good looks rather than sneak attacks. Most are professional gamblers or daredevils out for illicit thrills. A gambler can be found in the plush palors of the elite or basement speakeasies taking on all comers. Most stay mobile looking for wealthy marks and dodging sore losers on trains, steamboats, and zeppelins crisscrossing the country. Gamblers join adventure parties to build a stake for his next big game or just for the risk.

Gamble (Ex): A gambler has a pool of fortune points. The total number of points at first level is three plus one each odd numbered gambler level acquired afterward. After 8 hours of sleep, the fortune pool is completely refilled. Fortune points can be spent as a swift action to modify or her die rolls. Each of the following abilities are available at first level. This ability replaces sneak attack.

Initial Gambles:
- Better Lucky Than Good: Spend a fortune point to turn a natural “1” on a d20 roll into a natural “20” as an immediate action.
- Call Coin: So long as the gambler has one point of fortune, he can always predict the outcome of any ordinary coin flip.
- Double Down: After the gambler makes a confirmed critical hit, as a swift action the gambler can spend a fortune point to make another confirmation roll to increase the critical multiplier by two. Failure means the critical hit is no longer confirmed.

Additional Gambles (Are these needed or should they be talents?)
-Bailout: At third level, when a creature rolls a critical threat on the gambler, he can as immediately spend a fortune point to insure the critical is not confirmed. This ability can only be used once per round.
-Ricochet: At fifth level, a gambler can spend a fortune point as a swift action to cause a projectile to ricochet into another target within 20ft. This secondary ranged attack uses the same attack bonus minus any weapon or ammunition enhancement.
-High Roller: At seventh level, a gambler can spend a fortune point as a swift action to double threat range of his next attack. This ability does not stack with any other ability that improves the critical hit range.
-Second Chance: At ninth level, the gambler can spend a fortune point to reroll any die, the result is final and can’t be rerolled again by spending another fortune point.
-Lucky Strike: At eleventh level, the gambler can spend a fortune point before her damage roll is made to add her CHA modifier as a luck bonus to the damage she inflicts.
fifteenth level
-Contagious Luck: At thirteenth level, before the round starts, the gambler can spend a fortune point as an immediate action to give all allies within 30ft a +1 luck bonus to all saving throws till the next round.
-Share Fortune: At fifteenth level, the gambler can spend a fortune point as an immediate action to give the benefit of one of her gambles to an ally she can see or hear.
-Critical Success: At seventeenth level, the gambler can spend a fortune point to add her CHA modifier to all rolls to confirm critical threat as an immediate action.
-Third Time’s The Charm: At nineteenth level, the gambler can make another reroll if Second Chance fails to succeed; a total of three attempts rather than just two.

One fortune point is regained by reducing an opponent to zero hit points or less with a critical hit, gathering useful information through bluff or sense motive, performing a death defying physical stunt, survival after being reduced below zero hit points, or winning more than her experience level x 100gp with one wager. The gambler can only recover spent fortune points, not gain a surplus.

Professional Gambler (Ex): The gambler adds ½ his class level to all Profession (gambling), Sense Motive, and Bluff skill checks. This ability replaces trap finding.

Fortune’s Favor (Su): At 3rd level, a gambler can gain a +1 luck bonus to AC so long as he has one fortune point. This luck bonus increases by +1 AC at levels 7, 11, 15, and 19 (+5 max), but can't exceed the gambler's current total of fortune points. Multiple luck bonuses do not stack with each other. This ability replaces trap sense.

Even The Odds (Ex): An experienced gambler always seems to know the best line of play. Rather than a victim of bad luck, the gambler employs random probability to his advantage. At the start of each day, a 20th level gambler may roll a number of dice equal to his CHA modifier of any die type. Instead of making a random roll, as an immediate action, the character can instead substitute one of these pre-rolled dice for a die of the same size for himself or any opponent targeting him (including area effects). This ability replaces master strike.

New Rogue Talents

Measured Luck (Ex) (Req.: 4th level gambler): The gambler increases her fortune pool by two points. This talent can be taken multiple times.

Shot in the Dark (Ex) (Req.: Gamble ability): The gambler has a knack for shooting blind. She can spend a fortune point as a swift action to ignore the penalties of blindness, concealment, or invisibility with her next shot with any projectile.

Revolver Roulette (Su) (Req.: Gamble ability, Firearm Training talent): The gambler can spend a fortune point as an immediate action to double the chance of misfire for anyone shooting at her with a firearm till the beginning of her next turn.

Loaded Dice (Ex) (Req.: Trained Profession [gambling]): You are well trained in cheating at games of chance. You can earn in one game what it takes a professional gambler one week to earn by substituting your sleight of hand skill while gambling, but if you fail your check you are immediately caught cheating.

Card Sharper (Su) (Req. 4th level gambler, Card Sharp talent): The gambler gains a +1 weapon enhancement with thrown playing cards at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.
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