Game Hybrids That Should Not Be

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Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
There's always the Everything-Except-d20 game.


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Blue Sky

Paranoia Champions - Spend 4 hours creating your character, then 5 minutes watching him die!

The Book of Erotic Star Trek - Now you can go into detail on the aliens you bang!

The Book of Erotic Werewolf Fantasies - Uhh, I'm not even going to touch that one.

Blue Sky said:
Paranoia Champions - Spend 4 hours creating your character, then 5 minutes watching him die!

To extend on that - Paranoia Riddle of Steel Champions - Spend another half an hour figuring out how exactly he dies!

Olaf the Stout


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Bunnies & 'Berron -- play rabbits in a land of sentient golems, magic trains, and dragon illuminati.

Advanced Masquerade Leader -- tactical warfare with one cardinal rule: no witness & no evidence.

And, of course, Grand Theft Mario Kart.


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w_earle_wheeler said:
I would play Paranoia: The Troubleshooting. At least once. As a LARP.

"Hello, this is Mr. Fishburger and this is George. Mr. Fishburger will be taking DNA samples momintarily in order that we may clone you during the game. George is an artilleryman who, when you die, will be shooting in your replacement clone. The rest of you may want to remember to duck or he may have to fire again..."

Sorry, couldn't help it.

To actually add something to the topic:

Raven Rose. Which player will make Count Strahd's undead heart beat once again and break his terrible curse? Comes with free brown paper vomit bag!


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crazypixie said:
Ravenscape - Gothic plane-hopping with each plane ruled by an imprisoned big-bad-evil-dude that you can't actually defeat.

This could actually be a very cool rpg. A planar-hopping WFRP/ravenloft. Not a bad idea imo.
But now i think about it it sounds more or less exactly as normal ravenloft...

Mighty Veil

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X-Men AD&D

I tried it once when I was a teen. Having mutant characters was just a dumb idea. Oh boy, you have claws, you do d4 with the. And you, you can change your skin into platemail. Became very useless after 1st level.


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The Call of Erotic Fantasy. The Shug-Niggurath Mythos unveiled. (Prepare to lose sanity points faster than a D&D BBEG his combats)

Fluffy Critter: The Petting - A RPG of cute cuddling. (The newest WoD game where you assume the role of some fluffy little pet whose lifes alternate between bouts of angst and using their supernatural powers of cute to make humans feed and pet them. Morality is replaced by cleanliness - if you reach the lowest rank, you soil the house and will be put down or abandoned in front of a supermarket)

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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