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GM Seeking online players for a short horror sci-fi adventure with a simple custom system


One-shot/Short Camp over voice (video optional) over a designated Discord server for up to five 18+ LGBTQ+ friendly players

System: Custom (Lόgos Outsiders: A very simple and easy to pick up custom-made system with a focus on RP and storytelling)
Times: (GMT) Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri: Past 20:30 - Saturdays: Past 18:00

Setting: Wake into the apocalyptic ruins of a sci-fi world, mutated past the point of recognition. Reassemble fragments of your memory with (3-4) others in a horror setting where plot and character creation are interwoven. The character you craft from your blurred memories and ambiguous evidence may make appearances in an ongoing actual-play show that chronicles the same world. (Should all players be comfortable, the session audio might be recorded for YouTube)

Message EveOfUntimes#0261 for more details on times, system, and anything else!

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