Have you ever gotten choked up during the game?

Last Sunday I had to describe a funeral scene to my players, after several npc's had died in a massive naval battle. We run a pirate campaign, and a ship needs a crew. So most of the crew is going to be npc's, and they all have names and a personality.

At the conclusion of the battle, I felt that it would be unrealistic if no one on 'their' side died. So I randomly rolled for a number of casualties, and then randomly determined which specific npc died. I made sure to exclude npc's that couldn't have died (because the players saw them alive during the last session) or npc's that I felt deserved the DM's shield (because they are too much fun).

It turns out about 5 npc's had died, most of them not that important. But one was a young lad named Enzo, who the players knew very well. He was a boy who was never really that good at anything, but he tried his best. So as the bodies were laid out on the deck of the player's ship, covered with sheets, I described how the rest of the crew formed a large circle. They all took off their hats, and held it against their chest as a sign of respect. Everyone was quiet, as I asked their captain (one of the players) if he wanted to make a speech. He improvised a fantastic and heart-felt speech that was really touching, and I made a note to give bonus experience to them just for that.
After the speech, there was a minute of silence, and then most of the crew returned to their duties. But some of the pirates remained. I described how several of the crew members were moved to tears, and how they drew back the sheet to have one last look at Enzo's face. Some of them left a gift on Enzo's body... a coin, a lucky charm, a bottle. And what was the most surprising, was that some of the mourning pirates were people of whom no one knew they cared for Enzo. But the crew was like a family, and many cared deeply for Enzo, despite perhaps never showing it when he was alive. Some of them even talked to Enzo, just to say a few last words.

And as I described this scene to my players, I genuinely choked up a little. As I was describing it, I could see the scene in my head so vividly, and it was so emotional. For a moment I had trouble getting the words out... and I wonder if any of my players noticed.

Has this ever happened to you? Or have you ever been a player in a campaign that made you choke up a little?
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I've mentioned this before, but back when my dad and I were playing in our old group, the party was on exploring this one island a few days west of Waterdeep, and which was home to a "Deathstorm" cult that worshipped both Olhydra and Orcus.

By the end of the session, the Ranger was obliterated by an adult red dragon's flame breath, while the Eldritch Knight's body had literally melted right off of his bones after he managed to push the Red Dragon into a magical mirror (if I recall correctly, it was implied by the DM to be either a portal to Ravenloft or the Shadowfell).

After the rest of the party picked ourselves up off the floor, we left half the loot behind, burying it with our two fallen comrades.
After the session ended, we all sat at the table for a few minutes in silence, not saying anything to each other . . . Until the Oathbreaker Paladin cracked a joke and we all started laughing again.


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Choking my players up is the reason I tell stories!


The last time I saw tears, a much-loved npc received the crown. It was very poignant, emotional, and much overdue.


When I ran a dark and gritty futuristic game one of my players became distraught when he had to euthanize his beloved replicant house maid.


I once handed my wife a letter for her PC from the woman she thought was her aunt. She read it and had to leave the room because she couldn't read it to the rest of the group. Long story short: her family had been important to her background and story, her aunt that she idolized was really her mother who had given the PC to her sister to raise. Her father was really one of the BBEGs.

I'd had it planned for a couple of years, dropping hints and making sure certain aspects of the game suddenly became clear. :devil:


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My players recently finished a popular module and told a mother that the 2 children (NPC's) they were sent to find were dead. I had been rehearsing that part a few days prior and thought I had it pretty good, which I feel I did. But I also actually got teary eye and choked up that affected me for the next few encounters and NPC's they spoke with that weren't so heavy.

As a player, my character got pulled in front of some sort of other worldly Judge after pulling the "Judgement" card from a "Deck of Less Extreme Things", and I had to lay bare all of my wrongs. My character is a gambler and a deserter, and had done some bad things in his past but was on a road to redemption. In confessing his past wrongs I got a little emotional as well.

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Lots of times! Doritos. Pizza. Gummy bears. Its a wonder I survived adolesence! Needless to say I chew more slowly and thoroughly these days. Roll for Heimlich!


I got a little chocked up and teary eyed once.

I will keep this brief-ish.

A homebrew world. I added things I hated to add verisimilitude. The real world has stuff I don't like so why shouldn't my fantasy. I hated gnomes so I added gnomes. Someone, maybe me, named a recurring npc gnome Flavix. I hated the name so I kept it. He referred to everyone as kid. (Sort of like the song/story by Arlo Guthrie) He was a retired adventurer that had inspired some of the greatest living heroes. Who, in turn, sponsored the PC's so to speak. He hired the PC's, traded with them and told them stories about his adventures. One day after the PC's returned from adventuring. I informed them(....whew it still stings a little) that Flavix had passed away. He died of natural causes passing peacfully in his sleep. It was a first for me. Hopefully not the last.
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Yes, but not from anything game related.
Last Sunday I shared this depressing picture with the group:
My Bike Section 9june18.jpg
That's my bike section at Toys-R-Us #9211 as of 9June18. Of all the sections* in my store that's been my favorite. I've spent many many years making a lot of people happy via that section.
Last Saturday I had to clear & tear it down as TRU is in the final stages of going out of business.
Believe it or not, shuttering my bike section hurt(s) worse than when my Dad died. And that hurt. This though? This feels like having a piece of myself being ripped out.... I think I took a critical hit last Sat. :(

*Make no mistake, I love all the sections & categories of my store. And I'm proficient in every aspect of the stores operations. But my bike section....


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