Pathfinder 1E Healing a disease

The goblin rogue in my campaign has been infected by magical crystals that spread by corrupting organic matter into more magical crystals. The rogue has survived long enough to make it back to his village and is asking the shamans for help in curing his affliction. Now, while I could just say "They brew a potion and you feel better" but I want something more fun than that. What should the goblin shamans' cure look like? The more embarrassing and silly the better.

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Juice squeezed from pustules on (live) weird frogs and lizards.

There's the classic pull a hair from the rogue's head, without warning them first.

Rotten egg. From a cockatrice.

A burp from the rogue's mother. Or a fart, whatever works. The rogue has to collect and bottle it themself.

Boogas. Boogas are always good for gross factor. Boogas from something dangerous that must be alive at the time of harvesting. Owlbear? Aurumvorax?

It must be stirred with a left handed hammer.


They must sing a traditional goblin song (The Woodpecker's Hole? The Good Ship Venus?) while the potion is stirred. For an hour.

Level Up!

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