Pathfinder 1E Help in locating/deciding modules

Lord Mhoram

So I am thinking about putting a campaign together utilizing the Pathfinder Society as a motivating force for the PCs. I have a lot of the PFS modules, but I know there are a few modules that the Society makes an appearance in (such as Masks of the Living God). Is there a list of modules that do one, or if you just know one that is, please post it. It would help immeasurably.

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(he, him)
The Shattered Star adventure path all has PFS membership as a framing device, although TBH the society does not come up much during chapters, as opposed to where you set of from at the start and head back to at the end (at least so far - I am playing not running).


Lord Mhoram

Which ones did you end up going with?
We opened with Master of the fallen fortress, then we are going to do the 3 part intro society adventures.
Masks of the Living God and City of Golden Death are there (no everflame, we used that for another character of mine).
Pact stone Pyramid will be in there - and a lot of Society modules.
The wife (the GM) loves making stories for the specific character I am playing and will be running some background elements to tie my character to those modules, and create a cohesive story.

Not sure after about 12th... we may just leave the society stuff at that point.

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