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Horror for the Harried Game Master


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At this time of year, the thoughts of Game Masters naturally turn to creepy things. Sadly, some GMs may not have the time they want to plan something sufficiently horrific. That’s where Tabletop Adventures can help! With our books of dark descriptions and unpleasant places, we can make it easier for you as a GM to set a suspenseful mood or evoke tension in your players.

For the next few days (through Nov. 1), all Tabletop Adventures products of darkness and horror are on sale at 15% off the usual prices at paizo.com, RPGNow, or DriveThruRPG. For an extra special price, check out one of our genre-specific horror bundles: Fantasy, Modern, or Future.

In addition, we are pleased to present Into the Fire, our first adventure scenario for the Against the Darkness Vatican horror roleplaying game. Here is a glimpse at what’s involved: “A forest fire is spreading unnaturally quickly and threatening an isolated religious center and its elderly inhabitants. Can the characters get to the heart of the strange fire before the entire forest becomes a raging hell?” The scenario includes tips for the GM who is new to Against the Darkness, as well as a variety of pregenerated characters.

These special prices won’t survive past the holiday, so pick up one of these dark products now and insinuate some disturbing details into your Halloween gaming.

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