I guess I'm not getting PF Tome of Horrors


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The Tome of Horrors Complete is available for (pre)order from the Paizo website. It's a moderately expensive book, but given I expect it to be a telephone book, that's not surprising.

Alas, the price of the shipping ($58.57) to get it to me in Australia is enough for me to say "no". I was very, very tempted when I got the e-mail from Paizo about the book, despite me not being a current Pathfinder player, but I can't warrant that amount of money for something I probably won't use.

Good luck to everyone who does get it, though. Let us know if it destroys your RPG shelf (or turns into a black hole!)


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Shipping to Australia from the US seems quite cost prohibitive. I happened to be in a conversation with some of our shipping department workers where I work one day last week and they pointed out a couple of boxes going to Australia. They really weren't that big and shouldn't have even been that heavy and the price to ship was outrageous.

I preordered it almost immediately upon getting the email from paizo, but I'm having it shipped along with my other subscription items to save a little bit on the cost of shipping, so I won't be getting it for a while.

I do enjoy extremely large books, but I can understand how the extra shipping costs can make the difference between making a book a "must have" and an "I think I'll pass" especially for those getting it shipped overseas.

Of course, I immediately downloaded the pdf upon my purchase, so that should keep me somewhat contented until the actual item arrives.


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I live in Sweden, so yeah, the shipping kind of intimidated me. Even so, I ordered the book immideatly, since I thought that the special deal between Paizo and Necromancer that also got me the pdf was good enough to make it worth it. I just love offers like that, since while I prefer physical books, the pdf:s really come in handy when you prepare the gaming sessions.

It's all about prioritizing, really. I was about to get the Bestiary 2 and some other geek stuff, but instead I decided to pick up the Tome of Horrors, since I kind of fell in love with it.


Can't you

go to a copy center and have it professionally printed and bound? I wonder how much that would cost.

Surely just colour lasering the PDF would be cheap enough, then getting it bound in leather or human flesh would be the icing on the cake. Oh wait, that's for the Necronomicon. I guess sheepskin is probably your cheapest bet (/cheap joke, no offence!! heheh)

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