D&D 4E I think I know what my first Pre-Gen/NPC group will be for 4e...


First Post

Think of it—all of the Gauntlet (arcade) characters could be made using the 4e core rules.

  • Warrior: Human fighter (focusing with axes)
  • Valkyrie: Human warlord with sword & shield
  • Wizard: Human wizard (using a staff, feasibly)
  • Elf: Elven ranger (with elven racial abilities & archery-focused)

And, if you want to throw the Dark Legacy characters in there...

  • Dwarf: Dwarven fighter (with dwarven racial abilities & focusing on hammers)
  • Knight: Human paladin (skilled with maces/flails)
  • Sorceress: Human wizard (using a wand) or warlock with a rod
  • Jester: Human rogue (using alchemical items & a jester's stick/mace)

Yeah, I'm statting them up when I get my set of 4e books. :D

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