Identify this Marvel Superhero


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I've seen this character in various cameos, notably the Civil War, but I can't finger who he is despite his "classic" look. That's torture for a fanboy like me.

Li'l help here?


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Darth Shoju

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I may be wrong, but I believe that is one of the personas adopted by Spiderman when he became a public enemy. Afterward, when he was able to be Spidey in public again, his various alternate identities were given to other heroes who became the team known as the Slingers. I think this guy was called Prodigy or something.


Beta Ray Bill, yeah, that's what I was thinking. But I haven't read comics for years either, and it doesn't look quite like him, so its probably a 'rip-off' of one of their own characters.


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A quick trip to Wikipedia verifies that it is Prodigy. Beta Ray Bill has more of an equine head (sans nostrils).

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