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Into the Fey Lands
Grim Press

Into the Fey Lands for Fantasy Grounds is an adaptation of the Grim Press 5e Compatible Digital Magazine Unearthed Spoils Volume II. Each volume is packed with full-color art that illustrates multiple types of 5e compatible content surrounding a central theme: Magic Items, Classes & Archetypes, Magical Spells, Monsters & NPCs, Ancestries, and Short Adventures.

Into the Fey Lands contains the following:
*MAGIC ITEMS - Magic is teeming in the Fey Lands, and has infused these sixteen new Magic Items.
*ANCESTRIES - Centaurs roam the Fey Lands. These nomadic beings are always on the move, in search of excitement to satisfy their curiosity and satiate their appetites.
*ARCHETYPES - Those who call the Fey Lands home are bestowed enchanting gifts. Explore new archetypes for the Fighter and Sorcerer.
*MAGICAL SPELLS - The Fey Lands are host to many foreign magics. Ten new spells are sure to give your campaigns a bit of added excitement.
*GM VARIANT RULE: UNSTABLE MAGIC - Magic works differently in fey-inspired lands. These rules will add a touch of unpredictability to your campaign.
*ENCOUNTER MAPS - 3 battle maps with 3 additional variants (6 maps total) have been included to explore the Fey Lands.

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