Introducing Knuckledragger- The Worlds First BRPG

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We are a new start up gaming company based out of Portland Oregon. Our small but dedicated team is proud to announce Knuckledragger; the world's first true browser-based roleplaying game!

Knuckledragger is a group tabletop roleplaying game which uses a browser interface to create one of the most immersive roleplaying experiences without the complexity of similarly immersive RP systems. With its own fully integrated game system, the marriage between virtual tabletop and game has never been this complete. This means more fast-paced, high-action stories and less reading rules or taking notes.

With a trim browser app, even people on slower connections will be able to play Knuckledragger with relative ease compared to other virtual tabletops. According to Shawn Kaufman, lead designer of Knuckledragger “Making a way to connect gamers that would otherwise be isolated is what I’m most excited about. Finding a playgroup in some areas or when your schedule is restrictive can be super difficult and we hope the game enables players of all kinds to be a part of the action”

Players and GMs alike will have access to unique tools to explore this new world filled with strange creatures, high-tech goodies and huge explosions. This includes a streamlined combat system, with full combat rounds taking as few as 4 minutes. Our new action resolution means the days of praying to the dice gods are over and your fate is in your hands.

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Facebook: Knuckledragger